News from the Upper Hall @ CBA OAKS

Tapping into Grades Second - Fifth

Mrs. Strohecker's Second Grade: HOWL about it!!

Second grade has just completed their annual "Animals with a Voice" charity project. Students learned about the importance of wolves in the food chain and their significance on the ecosystem. They earned money to buy chicken for the wolf packs and then hand delivered it to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA in Lititz, PA. Students painted portraits of their favorite wolves and wrote a newsletter about their new found friends to create awareness for these lovely creatures.

The Third Grade Tribune

The Budget Project was such a hit! The students of third grade enjoyed learning about earning, spending, and saving. We researched the different aspects of earning, spending , and saving by looking at different budgets. We had the Liberty Penn Bank visit us and tell us about banking and writing checks and a we heard from a mathematician who told us about color and statistics. We made budgets and completed chores at home in order to earn money to buy products at Target. We compared prices using advertising flyers and discussed how the advertisements persuade us to buy products. We made our own advertisement flyers to persuade you to buy our products. Finally, we traveled to Target to purchase the item we chose on our budgets.

Fabulous Fourth Grade!

Fourth Graders have been busy becoming expert geologists. We kicked off our Science unit by learning about and examining various minerals and identifying unknown minerals by observing their physical characteristics and performing hardness and scratch tests. We learned about the three types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous, and made models of both limestone and conglomerate rocks. We examined parent rocks and the metamorphic rock it transforms into. Finally, we created the rock cycle by using clay "sediment" to form a sedimentary rock, applied heat and pressure to change its form to a metamorphic rock, and then added heat to have it form into an igneous rock.

Fifth Grade is Fantastic!

Welcome to Mrs. Vail's incredible voyage with fifth grade! Fifth grade is working hard on their colony region reports. They have been taking notes, reading text online and off while delving into the distinguishing characteristics of non- fiction text. In order to better understand the skills necessary to survive in a new world, we began our unit with the question: What does it takes to survive in the wilderness? We read a fiction excerpt from Island of the Blue Dolphins, researched survival skills and had a guest speaker come in and talk about - then show us - some of the basics. The talk culminated with the fifth graders going outside and building a tee-pee fire. We then examined what skills the colonists brought with them (or didn't in many cases) and broke off into groups to study an assigned region. Students will be blogging and creating brochures to entice others to join them in their region.