The Masked Duck!

A story of the masked duck and its struggles

How to wine and dine

They are know to have a simple diet like

  • seeds
  • stems
  • leaves
  • roots
  • small crustations
  • insects

Feeding Styles

The Masked duck is known to tip its head under the water to get at the stems and roots and even make short dives for crustaceans. It will sometimes eat insects the lay on top of the water and they contain a lot of protein and other good stuff the ducks need to stay strong and healthy. If seeds are within easy reach the ducks will eat them just like any other food. If the duck is low on other food resources they will eat leaves for a source of energy.

Nomonyx dominica

Males are about 14" and weight .90 lbs

Females are 13" and weigh about .75lbs

They lay 4-6 eggs that are white and granular

You can find them in south Texas around winter.

The last count was around 4k ducks in winter around Texas.

"The only member of the genus Nomonyx, it is intermediate between the rather primitive Black-headed Duck (Heteronetta) and the very apomorphic true stifftails. It is sometimes included with the latter in the genus Oxyura, but apparently the Masked Ducks of our time are the descendants of a missing link in the Oxyurinae evolution, having changed but little for millions of years" (

Are you just a hiding ruddy duck?

Why although we look like ruddy ducks we have very unique aspects such as our masked look and we are smaller, we also have a white streak in our feather when we take flight. We get off the water with ease compared to the ruddy ducks. So no we are not ruddy ducks.