Mountain Gorillas In More Danger

Climate change putting Mountain Gorillas in Danger

Why they are affected

Mountain Gorillas are already endangered, and climate change isn't going to make it any better. They have some traits that would make you think they would be very resilient to climate change such as high temperature variability, low fresh water requirements, and a wide range of abundant food they eat. These traits only do so much. Their small numbers, low genetic variability, and a low reproductive rate, make it hard for them to adapt to changing environments and easily succeptable to diseases.

Humans could do a lot of damage

As if humans hadn't already done enough damage, climate change (our fault) may make humans do even more. Humans, due to the high stressors of climate change, could start to destroy even more of Mountain Gorillas habitat and increase poaching on an animal that is already on the endangered species list.