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How to combat the challenges faced by child welfare consultants?

Working as a child welfare is not just about compassion and social work, but it requires the consultant to be multifaceted and ability to work under stressful situation which require a combination of skills. There are many challenges faced by the consultant, they are as follows:

Increase in the number of children

In the last two decades, there has been a substantial increase in the number of children put up in foster care. The reasons for this increase include a rise in the number of births, increase in the number of incarcerated mothers, and more and more children are exposed to abuse. Though, lately there has been an increase in the child welfare consultants and agencies, but this increase in child welfare is not enough to provide adequate support and care for the needy.

Complex needs

The need of children who need child welfare consultants often have varied and complex. The parents of such children have to undergo a stressful situation because of poverty, mental illness, physical illness, substance abuse or domestic violence, and are unable to parent their children. This creates complexities in the child, which creates a tough situation to deal with. They are not just deprived of proper food or education facility, but are often victim of child maltreatment and abuse. They are often neglected by parents and guardians due to a combination of sexual, physical or psychological abuse. These give rise to the complex needs of the children, which needs to be addressed by the child welfare consultant.

Inadequate skill set

To address the problems faced by the children, a consultant needs a combination of different skill set. Acquiring all the required skill set may not be possible for a single consultant. Moreover, all the consultants working in a project may not have the appropriate skill set and experience to handle the children. For example, if the child is a victim of physical and sexual abuse by mother and her boyfriend. The consultant working should be able to diagnose the emotional distress the child is undergoing and provide appropriate support. Similarly, if the parent is unable to parent a child due to lack of housing facility, the consultant is unable to help the family due to lack of resources.

Thus, due to increase in the number of cases and the varied nature of the requirement, the child welfare consultants frequently face challenges in serving the children and often find themselves lacking experience and the required skill set.

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The team works closely with the child welfare staff, children, youth and families, communities and leaders to identify the issues, challenges and approaches that will promote the most appropriate outcomes. This solution focused approach works to actively engage people in identifying and developing realistic and meaningful approaches.We are well experienced in dealing with difficult and demanding circumstances that require skill, leadership, sensitivity and clarity to respond in an effective and timely manner. We have been involved in many situations where our expertise in risk assessment and action planning have resulted in substantially improved programs and cost savings.