The Weekly Growl

September 14 - 20, 2014

This Week


Monday, September 15

  • 8:00 IPR Grades Due
  • 5:30/6:45 7A/B Football vs. Ridgeview

Tuesday, September 16

  • 5:30/6:45 8A/B Football @ Ridgeview

Wednesday, September 17

  • 3:45 Faculty Meeting

Thursday, September 18

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt with Jeans
  • Progress Reports Go Home
  • District Librarian's Meeting - Library Closed til Noon
  • 5:30/6:45 7A/B Volleyball @ Cedar Valley
  • 5:30/6:45 8A/B Volleyball vs. Cedar Valley

Friday, September 19

  • Wear College Shirt with Jeans

Next Week

**Education Go Get It Week**

**Humanities Texas Art Installation in Library All Week**

**Banned Books Week**

Monday, September 22

  • 5:30/6:45 7A/B Football @ Chisholm Trail
  • 6:30 College and Career Night, Cafeteria

Tuesday, September 23

  • Wear College Shirts with Jeans
  • 5:30/6:45 8A/B Football vs. Chisholm Trail

Wednesday, September 24

  • Dress for Success

  • Lockdown/Severe Weather/Reverse Evacuation/Fire Drills

Thursday, September 25

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt with Jeans
  • 5:30/6:45 7A/B Volleyball vs. Canyon Vista
  • 5:30/6:45 8A/B Volleyball @ Canyon Vista

Friday, September 26

  • Wear College Shirt with Jeans

Upcoming Events

Sep. 29 5:30/6:45 7A/B Football vs. Canyon Vista

Sep. 30 5:30/6:45 8A/B Football @ Canyon Vista

Oct. 1 3:45 Faculty Meeting

Oct. 2 5:30/6:45 7A/B Volleyball @ Walsh

Oct. 2 5:30/6:45 8A/B Volleyball vs. Walsh

Oct. 3 7th Grade Hearing and Vision Screening in Library

Oct. 3 End of 1st Six Weeks

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Lisa Smith 2

Ashley Brunette 10

Casey Gembicki 11

Kerry Kasparian 18

Mark Jenkins 19

Lyndsey Pounds 19

Michael Bergeron 23

Kelli Hutka 26

Cherri Urban 27

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Thanks to Nicky Haulotte and Caitlin La for helping out the new SPED teachers and answering questions.

Thanks to Sofie Vastano for leading the ELA department and doing a great job!

- Milton Perez

I would like to give KUDOS to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade class for their behavior and caring for one another and our building.

I would also like to give Kudos to all teachers for their work with our students and for taking great care of all students.

- Mario Acosta

Kudos to Kristen Morgan for her willingness to go above and beyond for each student, even when she encounters roadblocks!

- Sofie Vastano

To our wonderful office staff Mrs. Saucedo, Mrs. Donosso, Mrs. Gamas and Mrs. Aguilera. Thank you for all your hard work, and for going above and beyond all the time.

To Mr. Leo Rodriguez for his hard work and amazing attitude.

- Evelyn Cubias-Nevarez

KUDOS to Caitlin La (Moore) for just being awesome.... I love co-teaching with you :)

- Laura Terry

. . . to Jayson Sherman, Virginia Cole, and Natalie Reale for letting themselves get taped to the floor

. . . to Sonia Chowdhury, Jennifer Bloch, and Jennifer Gregorczyk for being our protectors and buddies.

And to all of you I may have forgotten who participated in Tape the Teacher Day. I was on the floor and couldn't see everyone, but I know the students absolutely loved it.

- Lisa Smith

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their amazing show of support regarding the announcements. There are too many names to list, but let me say (and I'm stingy with compliments) that I work with the most amazing group of educators in Texas (which puts y'all in the running for best world-wide). Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the ridiculously amazing things that you all do!

- William Russell

To: Nicky Haulotte for all of the hard work and long hours that she has put in to get students in the correct classes, ironing out all of the new year kinks, and being a PHENOMENAL department chair! YOU ROCK!!!!!

- Kelli Hutka

Kudos to my colleagues on the ESL team for making this transition to the new program more pleasant. I enjoy your sense of humor and dedication to your work.

- Stephanie Saggiante

Kudos to Lauren Esparza for working her tail off to put together an awesome car show! Thanks to her hard work we'll have the monetary resources to provide our students with the tools they need to succeed!

- Jett Walker and Gene Centeno

Kudos to Clarissa Lopez for her help setting up the sound system for Monday's Back to School night. Clarissa, you are a friend to all and you never say no. Thanks for all you do.

- Irma Bauer

Bulldog Bios

Name: Nompumelelo (Mpumie) Masuku Position at HeMS: Girls Coach/PE

High School: Keene HS College: Southwestern Adventist University

Family: 2 brothers, 1 sister and 1 husband

Favorite TV show: Scandal Can’t believe I watch: Pretty Little Liars

Favorite book: Roll of Thunder Favorite food: Breakfast

Favorite vacation spot: Caribbean

Favorite movie: --

Favorite local restaurant or hangout: --

If I could do anything for a day, it would be: Watch/play basketball

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is: Pay school loans

If I could be any fictional character, it would be: Mystique

The thing I miss most about being a kid is: High metabolism

My biggest influence: My mom

In my time off, I enjoy: Hanging out with my husband

My most hated chore is: Dusting

If I could live somewhere else, it would be: Ft. Worth

Fondest memory growing up: Anything with all my siblings

Watch TV or read a book? TV Night out or evening in? Out

Name: Sam Jones Position at HeMS: 8th US History

High School: Victoria HS College: Texas State University

Family: Has one

Favorite TV show: Seinfeld Can’t believe I watch: Masterchef

Favorite book: With the Old Breed Favorite food: Chicken Fried Steak

Favorite vacation spot: Europe Favorite Movie: Platoon/Big Lebowski

Favorite local restaurant: Juniors

If I could do anything for a day, it would be: Have superpowers

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is: Buy a turret/life-size Incredible Hulk like the one at Austin Books & Comics

The thing I miss most about being a kid is: illusion of freedom and carefree attitude

My biggest influence: Mr. G.

In my time off, I enjoy: Friends and music

My most hated chore is: Hanging up laundry

If I could live somewhere else, it would be: Victoria British Columbia

Fondest memory growing up: In Colorado with my family

Watch TV or read a book? Both at same time Night out or evening in? Day out

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