Water Pollution

By: Joel Batres

Clean Water is Important!

Clean water is important because it is a part of life. We need clean water because it keeps us healthy and we need water to even have life on this planet without it we will a be dead.

Asian Countries

They don't have a good water cleaning system so when they go poop and or pee it doesn't get as clean as we have our clean water. Also most of the people there don't even know that that is a problem.

A solution for this is that make people aware of the problem and then something happens about it.

African Countries

A lot of people there don't live in an urban type of area like we do. They live a farm like area and when it rains the dirt and things get in the water and then it gets polluted, and they cant do anything about it because they don't even have way to clean the water.

A solution for this could be to get them a cleaning water system and they won't have to deal with the dirty water.