Dinousaur national monument

Cj chiarelli


Dinosaur national monument honors the Dinosaur lifestyle. The monument includes artifacts and fossils and more. This place is a way to get the feel of what the dinosaurs times was like.They rebuilt the quarry hall because of obamas investment. This is the only place to view over 1,500 bones.

Things you can see is whites water rafting. The border of Colorado and Utah and campsites and over 210,844 acres of land. The activities are endless here. Includes,camping,white water rafting,fossil finding,hiking. One the main places is the quarry which is comfortable area. A 80 foot mural and 149 million year old Dino fossils.

The dinosaur national monument is all about the history. There's are unique and awesome thing to see here. From all the activities to all the facts and bones. The very important quarry hall is in my mind the first thing to go too. This place is a huge monument from Utah to Colorado that's big.

To conclude my story this is a place to visit with all the activities and fact and land mark. Also The border line is cool to see. Lots of people come here over 260,584 visit. Something to think is coming here. The national monuments is not one of the most famous ones but its totally a one to go to.