Rock Bridge Counseling Updates

Staff Changes and Reorganization starting in 2019-20

New Director of School Counseling and Addition to the Counseling Staff

It's the start of a new school year and 2019-20 brings some big changes to Rock Bridge High School, from a new building Principal to virtual enrollment and schedule pick up. The Rock Bridge Counseling Office has experienced some changes as well. Rachel Reed, a counselor at Rock Bridge for the past 14 years, has stepped into a new role as the Director of School Counseling and counselor for students in our AVID program. With the change in her position, we are excited to add Carrie McKee to our staff (pictured on the right). While this is Carrie's first year as a high school counselor, she is not new to the world of education. Carrie has previously worked as an Elementary Teacher and, most recently, a College Admissions Officer. We are excited about the range of knowledge and experience Carrie will bring to our office this year!

Caseload Reorganization

The change to the Director of School Counseling position and the addition of a new counselor have made it possible to re-organize our alpha caseloads to better align with the Assistant Principals. We understand that this change means many of our students will have a new counselor this year, and some students will have had a different counselor every year during their time at Rock Bridge. This constant flux can be confusing and we understand your frustration, however, this reorganization will allow us to partner with APs to best support our students. The good news is that there are no plans to reorganize caseloads for the foreseeable future, so your counselor this year will be who you work with for the duration of your time at Rock Bridge.

The new counselor caseloads are as follows:

Carrie McKee A, T-Z

Jordan Alexander B-C

Doug Stansberry D-F, H

Gretchen Cleppe G, I-L

Jackie Collins M-P

Leslie Kersha Q-S

Rachel Reed AVID Students

Counseling Office All-Stars