Thomas Edison

Invented the Light Bulb!

Childhood & Early Life

Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio. He Had 3 children & beautiful loving wife. He married Mary Sillwell in his late teens. Mary married him also in her late teens.
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Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph (record player) & The Light bulb.

It Helped our society by...

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb for more people to see things better without candle lught. He invented the phonograph to listen ti records other than having to pay a but load of $$$ to go to a concert.

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Important Events (timeline)

  • February 11, 1847 ; Born
  • 1859; Sets up 1st chemistry lab
  • 1867 ;Begins !s expeirment
  • 1868; files 1st pacient
  • 1870; Moves to New Jersy
  • Oct. 18 1931; Dies
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Fun Facts

  1. He maried Mary Stillwell
  2. Invented the 1 and only lightbulb
  3. Also invented the phonograph
  4. He use the phonograph to record Mary Had A Little Lamb!

What Did we Learn From Thomas Edison? (Character Traits/ Conclusion)

  • Man; He is hard working
  • Responsible; remembered his supplies