What I Did This Summer


Best Summer Ever I Bet You All!

First I woke up. You must wake up very very slowly to drive your parents crazy. Well I try but then they come in and turn all the lights on because they are evil!! So then I have to get up to turn the lights off because the sun is in my room. Then I lay back down in bed and wake up slowly and in about an hour I'll get out of bed. It will be like one o'clock pm but that's ok, good time to eat the foods. So I walk over to kitchen and look around and find nothing! Because we never have any foods in this house that I like. So I grab some rice and dump my whole hot sauce bottle in it. Or get some soup and open it like it's a bomb. Careful, you don't want to die. After that nice food times I walk back in my room to watch the youtubes, but now with new dog I watch in front room. After a couple of hours of youtubes, my parents (who are at work now) text me to take dog out because they want me to do work! Such evil. So I do that and then back home to sleep and more youtubes because I'm such cool omg. Then my parents come home which means it's time to go to do something to make it look like you did something today. So I run over to my friends house and bang on the door and if they don't come to the door you go to their windows because you know they are home hehehe. So we do somethinhg crazy like put clues all over the neiborhood for another friend or go for a walk through the forest so that the animals eat us nom nom. After something crazy we do we watch tv or the youtubes (Again, such weird) till it's ten and we keep walking each other home in the dark. "Thanks for walking me home, oh it's dark out how about I walk you home" *it's like 10:30* "Sorry I'm late, me and my friend kept walking each other home!" Then I lay in bed, watch the youtubes and go back to bed and it starts all over again. The end, thank you thank you. 10/10

By Alyssa Karger