Emily Darnell

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Daily Activities:

They provide primary care for children and take care of their general health needs.

Working conditions:

Must be very exact and accurate in performing their job. This is very important because very serious mistakes could risk patients' health.

Yearly wages:


Preparation and / or training:

You need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a bachelor’s degree, graduate from medical school, complete an internship, pass a state licensing exam, complete a residency program in pediatrics, and pass additional exams to become board certified

5 important skills and abilities needed:

You need to speak clearly so listeners can understand, Combine several pieces of information and draw conclusions, Use scientific methods to solve problems, Look for ways to help people, and use reasoning to discover answers.

Recommended core classes and electives to take for this career:

You could take these core classes: Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Health Care, Nursing.

You could also take these electives: Food and Nutrition, Computer Applications.

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A Day in the Life - Pediatrician