Weekly RoaR!

Week ending May 29, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

May 29 - Shields

June 5 - Coach McCrary

Next Week's Events:

June 1

8 AM Kinder Awards

9:15 AM 1st Grade Awards

12:45 PM Talent Show

June 2

8 AM 2nd Grade Awards

9:15 AM 3rd Grade Awards

Kinder field trip

1 PM Principal's Club Party

June 3

9 AM 4th Grade Awards

Water Day - Please reference schedule given by Mrs. Mesnard.

Sack lunch day

June 4

Field Day - Take 2! - Please reference emails from Coach for further information.

Sack lunch day

June 5

Last Day of School!!

Early dismissal at 12:30 PM

Sack lunch day


Before you leave for Summer Break...

Be sure that you have received a copy of the EOY Checklist. I placed these in your boxes on Tuesday, but if I forgot you or you have misplaced it, I have extras by the mailboxes.

Also, we met with the painters earlier this week. All walls MUST be clear of all wall hangings. In addition, you MUST remove all staples and nails from the walls. They do not have time to remove these. Their summer schedule is jam-packed, but luckily they will be tackling our campus first! So, that means walls must be cleared before Monday, June 8th.

Also, to protect your stuff and to help the crew finish quickly, we need you to push all desks, chairs, and boxes to the center of the room. Someone asked us if you must remove the cloth from bulletin boards, and the answer is no. You can keep up your bulletin boards. But if I were you, I'd cover them with something, so they do not get paint dripped or cleaners sprayed on them.

ACTION ITEM: RtI Documentation

Just a quick reminder:

Scan in all documentation for intervention.

What does that mean? Any documentation that you have on a student, regardless of RtI tier, please scan into AWARE. Think, what information would you find helpful as a teacher receiving a new student? Every bit of data helps us, help kids. We will check that this is done before signing off on your End of Year checkout sheet.


Nicole, Jennifer, and I are here through the majority of the summer. So, if you need to get in the building, we will be here Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 4:00. Just give us a call to make sure someone is here to let you in; we are pulled for meetings quite often.

And just in case you need these cell numbers:

Nicole: 972.743.7783

Jessica: 972.998.6140

Jennifer: 214.415.7936