Tips from the Trenches

Volume 3 March 2016

Volume 3 Focus: The Many Secrets of Skyward


This issue will focus on 2 major uses of Skyward:

1) To communicate with others (parent, guardian, student)

2) To use as an in-class learning tool

Denise Thornberry is our District Grade Reporting Specialist! Use this link to see her amazing blog. If you are looking for SOMETHING SPECIFIC that is not mentioned here, we can work together to explore other areas of Skyward. Also, please remember you have FANTASTIC Wayne Township iTEC teachers who are embedded in your school, as well.

Using Skyward to Communicate with Students and Parents

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1) Using the Reports Feature: Reports can be used to:

  • Print and/or email progress reports
  • Print missing assignments reports
  • View attendance for individual students OR as a class

2) Using Message Feature: Messages can be used to:

  • Email parents and students (you can also do this from the Reports feature)
  • Send a Skyward message (sends a direct message to a Skyward user enrolled in your course, such as a parent/student via the mobile app or website)

3) Using Charts Feature: Charts can be used to:

  • Give you a snapshot of a student's progress throughout grading period
  • Provide grade-based evidence for parent, teacher of record or student

Using Skyward as an In-Class Tool

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1) Skyward Assessments

  • Develop online assessments using Skyward. This feature randomizes question order, uploads grades directly to your gradebook and has an option to upload existing assessments.

2) Individual Conferences with Students (during Homeroom/IMPACT/AIM/Advisory)

  • Within a student profile, teachers can access other class grades, gradebooks, missing work, attendance, etc.

Next Issue: Vol. 3 April 2016 - Using and managing Group Strategies

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