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Many of you will have noticed that over the past half term we have made improvements to our school website. The purpose of these changes was to make the website more user friendly so that important information and updates could be easily accessible.

With the 'new look' website there are new features on the homescreen:
  • A link to our Twitter feed with regular updates on things happening in school
  • An improved calendar feed with events and special days listed
  • A school news section with a weekly update about children and staff who have received awards
  • A gallery with photographs
  • The Heronshaw Houses totals board

The website also feeds through to smartphones in a clearer way so that all of the information is available to you wherever you may be.

Please take time to familiarise yourself with the new site and we welcome any feedback.

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Drop off and pick up at school

During the morning drop off and afternoon pick up times we understand that it can become very congested out on the surrounding roads, particularly on Lichfield Down. Over the past couple of weeks it has been reported to us by a number of concerned parents and from children that on a couple of occasions drivers have become quite angry and sometimes aggressive towards other drivers and pedestrians. We would urge parents to be mindful towards others and should anyone have specific concerns that they pass on registration details to either Heronshaw or Heronsgate schools.

We do keep in contact with the Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Policing Team and are discussing ways of tackling this ongoing issue. Mr Ainscow (Deputy Head) has also met with a member of the new group 'Danesborough and Walton Community Forum' that is committed to improving safety during the school run amongst other things. They have a Facebook page, which you may wish to look at and join.

We would also like to remind all parents that the carpark at Heronshaw is not to be used for parking or for drop-off for any reason unless specifically agreed by the Headteacher, Mrs Saunders-Short.


This year we have been celebrating success for children and staff in a variety of ways.

Heronshaw Houses
The children are all assigned to one of the four houses, named after lakes in Milton Keynes. Children can earn gems for good listening, walking sensibly, being ready for learning, having good ideas as well as lots of other things. Each week the gems in the jars are counted and the weekly total is announced in the Friday assembly. The grand total is then announced. Everyone gets very excited about this! We are nearing the end of this year's competition.

Star of the Week
In class, children can earn points for great work, good effort, tidying, being helpful and much more. The daily totals are added together giving a winner at the end of the week. This winner is the class 'Star of the week'. The children are always very enthusiastic about cheering on their friends. It is lovely to see how this community spirit has developed.

Staff Shout Out

The children enjoy their rewards each week, but as a school we felt that the shared celebration was an important message to share, so each week a staff member is selected that has done something over and above their normal role to support others or simply to make Heronshaw the great place it is to work in.

"Smart like a Smartie"
Has your child been talking about walking like a Smartie tube? We hope so. Throughout this half term we have focussed on walking smartly through school, being mindful of each other and the displays around school. The weekly winning class is awarded a chocolate treat!

How do you know who has won?
The winners of each of the awards is communicated via Twitter and in the weekly news update on the website homepage. Please look out for the names of the people celebrating success.
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As the weather improves, the children are able to wear some of the more summery items of uniform. Please make sure that all items worn to school are part of the agreed Heronshaw uniform. We have noticed a number of children wearing shorts, shoes and other items that are not correct. If you are unsure then please refer to the website or ask your child's class teacher.

Full Heronshaw PE kit is also expected to be worn on PE days and if your child is taking part in a sports club. For health and safety reasons, children cannot participate in sport activities if they are not wearing the appropriate footwear.

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