Indoor Pollution

Air Pollution

What it is

  • Indoor pollution is when harmful pollutants from things such as particles and gasses contaminate the air indoors.

Causes and the effects

The leading cause of indoor pollution is asbestos. It can be found in floor tiles, paints, and building materials. Tobacco smoke also causes indoor pollution. Space heaters, stoves, and fireplaces all release carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which cause indoor pollution as well. About 4.3 million people die per year from an illness caused by household air pollution. 12% is from pneumonia, 6% from lung cancer, 22% from COPD, 26% from ischaemic heart disease, and 34% is from a stroke.
Indoor Air Pollution


You can reduce indoor air pollution by not smoking in the house, getting rid of bad odors, ventilating the house, and cleaning thoroughly. You should also reduce your time spent in your car. You should try to save energy in your house. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that saving energy will reduce carbon emissions. Many energy sources will require burning fossil fuels, therefore the less energy you use, the less air pollution will be created.