We Love March!

Second Highest Month for Sales....so Let's Do It!

Happy Happy March Ladies!

Hi Ladies!! Happy Happy Happy March and Happy Spring we hope!! Even if the weather is on and off and not too warm yet, its still almost Spring and we all feel it....no wonder March is our second highest grossing month of the year, right? Everyone is cooped up all winter and going stir crazy and are depressed by the awful, cold weather...so what better way to brighten their day and get them out of the house and ready for Spring??? With a Spring Trunk Show of course, right?? We have over 30 trunk shows on our team pipeline...a new record and I know we can make it more!!! I am so excited for everything going on this month...the crazy amazing Trunk Show Exclusives. the March Capsule that just came out. the new Summer Capsule that is just around the corner, Hoopla sign up and the fact that we have 5 girls already going to represent, and just our business in general! After attending the Brighten your Life Tour in Richmond and chatting with Jessica and Anita, I am so pumped up for all of us! How amazing is our business? I feel so blessed every single day that I get to do this...its truly the best!

So this email may be long but just try to bear with me...lots of fun info to share!

Kudos to YOU!

I have to give a shout out...

I had to first give a shout out to our amazing sales for this past month...we did over $21,000 in retail sales as a team!! How amazing is that! We also grew our team by 4 new members in Feb!! So here are the top in Sales:

1. Morgan Price-$2279.70

2. Katie Timp-$2159.00

3. Cecille Skeens-$1764.90

4. Sabrina Deel-$1729.65

Morgan and Katie you all get a new Getaway bag for having over $2000 in sales!

Cecille and Sabrina you all get to choose the Devon or Demi Necklace to add to your collection for having over $1500 in sales!

Amazing huh?? Well these ladies went over $500 in sales which means they are on the road to hitting their constancy bonus!

1. Emily Uhland-$634.00

2. Laura Padgett-$519.20

3. Ashlee Williams-$503.00

I am also so proud of our ladies who sponsored a stylist this month!:

-Jessica Rose

-Cecille Skeens

-Georgia Livolsi

You ladies get the Mercer Wallet for Sponsoring in Feb!


Welcome to these ladies! So glad to have you:

Emma Kate Hosey

Brenda Curry

Sabrina Deel

Jenny Palmer

Summer Splash!

Don't you love the incentives and programs they give us to earn so much!! I am so so excited about this Summer Splash Program! I am saying it right now...I am going for LEVEL 5 and I WILL HIT IT! There is a tracker/calculator in your Stylist Lounge to help you plan out your path to whatever level you want! Be vocal about it...let me and our team know what level you will hit! Its always easier to be motivated when others know your goals and keep you accountable and excited and on your toes! I want to know what level you are reaching for and I will help you along the way....every step! Remember, sponsoring can make it a lot easier to hit those levels because you get lots of points for sponsoring and for your team members sales! Book a couple shows a month, sponsor and you are good! I want my Hoopla trip paid for, VIP and Backstage Access and thats why I will hit LEVEL 5!

Reach out to me if you need help tracking your path to whatever level you want...lets work on it together!!


Let me just first say that I was hesitant to go to Hoopla last year in Vegas because I was fairly new to the business and just didn't know if it was worth the money and the arranging for the trip but man am I so so so glad I did! IT transformed by business, my outlook, my drive, everything! Plus, you can write it off! You get one on one and intimate training and info you could never get anywhere else...plus the fashion show is amazing and you get to see and order the new Fall Line before anyone else! And the Swag you get when you attend is amazing! I would really recommend attending if you can! I would love to have my team with me and help you all navigate through everything and get excited with you!

I know Orlando is much easier to get to for everyone...plus I know flights right now are super cheap! And the room rates are great and of course we can double up or whatever we need to do! Just think about it....you will not regret it girl! Plus if you sign up and you missed out on the Paris Market Tote i will still gift you a little surprise from me!!!


This is what you really want to see huh? Yes its the best part...I love giving out goodies to my loves! So here is how it goes in March:

Sale $1500 or more and get the Janice Studs

Sale $2200 or more and get a new piece from the SUMMER LINE COMING SOON!

Sale $3000 or more and get $100 in PC to order whatever you want on me!

Sponsor 1 new stylist who hits her Jumpstart ($1000 in sales) and choose from a How Does She Do It Bag!

Sponsor 2 New Stylists who hit their jumpstart and get $150 PC to order whatever you want on me!

Sound good?? Lets do it!!