Prep 2 Sports Day 2016

'Let's Join Together'

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School

The excitement is building in our Early Years as we look forward to welcoming our children and families to the Prep Sports Days and Prep Swimming Carnivals which are fast approaching! These events are a lovely way to finish the term and celebrate the new knowledge, skills and understanding that our preps have acquired over the year. This year, we will be celebrating the House that the children belong to, with a focus on their House animal, (eagle, elephant, dolphin and lion), and on the virtue of unity. The theme of 'joining together', will be referred to throughout the event. The Sports days will involve a number of activity stations which small groups will rotate around in groups of 10-12 children. Each station focuses on the gross motor skills that the children have been developing over the past year, as well as opportunities to face new challenges and work cooperatively with friends and other children in their house. The emphasis of this event is on the children showing their knowledge, skills and understanding of a number of games and activities and on working together and supporting one another. There will be a brain-food break during the morning for each group.

On The Day ...

Please ensure that the children:

  1. Wear PE kit
  2. Apply sunscreen before leaving home
  3. Bring full water-bottles (named)
  4. Wear a named hat
  5. Bring brain-food in a named lunch bag

Call out for volunteers - We will also be looking for some willing and able parent volunteers to assist with leading the groups around the stations. Please contact your Class Rep if you are available for this role. We will ensure that you are in your child's group!

Thursday, May 26th, 8-11am

Indoor Sports Hall

  • The EPSG Cafe will be supporting this event in the ISH
  • Children will arrive into the hall at 8.15 am
  • Going Home arrangements:

    Parents are welcome to take their child home at the end of Sports Day, if they wish, but normal arrangements will continue for those who remain at school.

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School