Abe Lincoln

child hood

Abraham was born February 12, 1809. when Abe was two his family moved to a farm on Knob Creek. Abraham walked two miles to a school house when there was no work to be done. At school he learned how to read and write.

his family

Lincoln sold his lands and moved to the UN-tracked wilderness of Indiana. while out there there family depended on wild game, and there only water source was nearly a mile away.
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temper flairs

The southern states wanted security an the right to own a slave anywhere, to the northerners it was a matter of moral and democratic obligation. Tempers began to flair and crisis developed. Only the efforts of Henry Clay and Daniel Webster brought a compromise in 1850 as a temporary truce was made.

the civil war

Lincoln's life had been shaped by the problems of the Civil war. As president, he was head of the administration agencies, and on top of that he had the pressures of being the Commander and Chief of all the armies. Criticism for inefficiency in administration along with failure on the battle field fell first. congress soon demanded a reorganization of his cabinet along with a new set of generals to lead his armies. While the federal armies marched on they conquered more and more southern states until the war was over.
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his death

On the evening of April 14 ,1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while attending a performance