4th Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Wiley & Miss Fletcher January 11th-15th

Upcoming Information

Happy Monday!

I hope you had an amazing weekend with your family, my family and I had an amazing time watching all of the wild card football games this weekend. I was hoping to see a few snow flurries but no such luck where I live! As a reminder, there will be no school next Monday, January 18th.

Monday, January 11th: No Primary or Intermediate Gifted Services (all week), Science Fair judging (all week), Board meeting tonight at 6 p.m. held at the administration building (Bond/ Demographic presentation attached).

Tuesday, January 12th: Cub Scout meeting in the cafeteria at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, January 13th: Honor choir practice afterschool.

Thursday, January 14th: LH cluster Spelling Bee.

Friday, January 15th: Lone Star Challenge parent meeting in the computer lab at 7:30.

On the Horizon & Other WRE News:



· 1/19 – Tutoring Starts

· 1/25 - 4th Grade Writing STAAR SIM

2/2 – 5th grade Math STAAR SIM

· 2/3 – 5th grade Reading STAAR SIM

· g 2/12 – Valentine Parties

Reading and Language Arts: Mrs. Wiley

· Reading:
We will begin our unit on Expository Text. During this unit, we will discuss that this genre is written to inform or describe, it contains facts and details, has various structures, and can contain many text features. This week we will identify facts & opinions . We will identify important details from the text & draw conclusions based on these facts.

· **Friday, February 12, Expository End of Unit Reading Assessment**

Language Arts:

· The students will continue writing to the prompt, “Write about your favorite time of the year”. We will work as a class on each step of the writing process together. This composition is due on January 15.

· We will use F.A.N.B.O.Y.S to practice writing compound sentences. Strategy: A compound sentence is, “A strong sentence and a strong sentence with a comma and a conjunction word!”

· The students will continue republishing their writing from this year with an illustration to be put into their 4th grade published book! J Publishing Kits are due in class by January 22nd. Parent Order forms are going home this week, please read over, fill out, and turn back in for a FREE COPY of your child’s book.

Math and Science: Miss Fletcher

This week we will begin our unit on Fractions, This unit will run January 11th- February 19th. We will learn to represent, compare and order whole numbers and decimals and understand relationships related to place value. Students will also learn to represent, and generate fractions in order to solve problems. Below are some websites that I have found that may be helpful to your child during this unit:







Historically, students struggle with fractions more than other concepts. As always, it is very helpful if you check over your child's graded work and homework. If you notice that your child is really struggling with a concept, please feel free to email me or write me a note to let me know.

In science this week we will be building circuits. We will discuss open and closed circuits using switches, as well as parallel and series circuits. Students will be spending time experimenting with different size batteries and seeing the effects of stronger and weaker power sources.