Body system corporation

Spinal Cord

Effect of removing the Spinal Cord/Disease or condition of removing it.

If you removed the Spinal cord you would be extremely flimsy and your back would be bending like crazy! Your condition would be a constantly flimsy and unable to stand up strait condition.

The Brain!!!

The brain recieves and sends out electrical impulses to the rest of the body. It also contols the five sences, emotions, basic instincs, reaction to outword stimuli provides multitasking, and controlls all subconscious functions.

Spinal Cord function and importance.

The spinal cord takes the brains messages and sends them to the rest of the body systems. Without the Spinal cord you would be forever paralyzed and unable to react to external stimuli. You would also soon die a motionless death.

Nervous System Facts

1. Sends messages to the rest of the body.

2. Reacts to external/internal stimuli.

3. Tells the other body systems what to do.

4. Directs all body activity.

5. Communicates through electrical impulses.


The Nervous system and the Muscular system work together, because the muscular system moves your body and the nervous system reacts to stimuli to tell the muscles what to do and when to do it. The Nervous system and the Endocrine system work together when your body gets too hot or too cold, because the nervous system sends messages to the hypothalamus which is part of the endocrine system to try to keep homeostasis with your body temperature.

What we could live without

We can live without both of our kidneys and instead of pretty much dying you should take away the kidneys. People can live without their kidneys because you can excrete waist with a machine now and they are not that big of a part in the body system.

Facts about the spinal cord

1. There are over 1,350,000 neurons in the Spinal Cord

2. Back Pain is caused by the over-activeness or squeezing of the nerves in the Spinal Cord

3. Sends and receives messages to and from the Brain

4. Paralysis would immediately set in if the spinal cord was damaged or broken

5. Helps support the body with the outer bone coat