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Jennifer Flynn (Visual Art), Whitney McKay (Guidance Counseling), Marie Zimmerman (Library), Alyssa Vanderpool (Music), Nick Behymer (Physical Education), Julie Dashley (Spanish)

Kindergarten Physical Education with Mr. B

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In Kindergarten we are currently focusing on the fundamental skills of throwing and catching. The students will be encouraged to foster movement exploration, while introducing and integrating practice with balls and other objects of various sizes, shapes, and weights. Activities include developmentally appropriate cues for rolling balls, and throwing them underhand and overhand. Students will practice throwing for accuracy and distance, at both stationary and moving targets. Throws are combined with catching skills- from a bounce and in the air, with hands and scoops. By receiving instruction and guided practice in these fundamentals, the students will learn the basics for many individual and teams sports.

Nick Behymer

K-5 Physical Education

1st Grade Español with Señora Dashley

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In the photo two students are practicing. En la foto, dos estudiantes practican.

In first grade we are preparing for a puppet show! We are making puppets and in the show we are going to have a dialogue that includes the names of our puppets and how they are feeling. I am excited for the dialogues!

En el primer grado, estamos preparando por un espectáculo de marionetas. Hacemos las marionetas ahora y vamos a tener un diálogo que incluye los nombres de las marionetas y los sentimientos también. Estoy emocionada para ver el espectáculo!

Julie Dashley

K-5 Spanish Educator

2nd Grade Music with Ms. Vanderpool

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2nd grade has begun to explore reading music by playing bells. Here are some samples of their work after only 2 days of learning. They make my heart sing.
This Old Man
Jingle Bells

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day was success. Thank you to special guests in attendance that day. Here are a few highlights from the program. We LOVE our Veterans!
Thank You Soldiers
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NKY Honors Choir

Peyton, Ellysa, Lily, Sophia, Mia, and Martha Kelly were chosen to participate and represent Johnson Elementary in the NKY Honors Choir. They were amongst the best of the best singers in the NKY surrounding school. Their performance was Friday, November 11 at Cold Spring Baptist Church after a long day of rehearsal. Great job girls!

Save the Date! - On December 20, 2016 at 7:00pm we will have our 1st Grade Musical and Choir Concert. Hope to see you there!

Kindergarteners practice performing!

Here are a couple of songs Kindergarten performed for the cafeteria staff to show their appreciation.

Over The River
Turkey Tango

Alyssa Vanderpool

K-5 Music Educator

Guidance with Ms. McKay

Bullying Prevention Video - Journalism

This video was a joint project between Library/Journalism and Mrs. McKay's Guidance Lessons. Inspired by a guidance activity on appreciating differences, Journalism students decided to make a video reflecting on all the things that were different....but also okay.
We Are Different

Demonstrating Empathy

In guidance we are finishing our empathy unit - all 6 grades had Second-Step guidance lessons on empathy. Students were taught that empathy is a skill like any other skill. Empathy is the ability to understand how another person is feeling. Students learned that to do this we look at a person's face, their body, we listen to their tone of voice, and we think about the situation the other person is experiencing. In grades 4 and 5 we had specific lessons on predicting feelings, and understanding that different people have different feelings in the same situation.

Johnson is a responsible school

The entire school has been focused on the character trait of Responsibility during November.

Here is the definition of responsibility that we use at Johnson:

“At Johnson, responsibility is when a student or teacher does what is morally right or what is required to get the job done. This can mean doing your homework, but it can also mean cleaning up after yourself (and all sorts of other duties and obligations). Responsible students try their hardest to do the right thing, BUT they also own up to their mistakes. 'Taking Responsibility' for our unwise actions actually helps us to become more responsible human beings.”

Whitney McKay

Guidance Counselor

4th Grade Library with Mrs. Zimmerman

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Students in 4th grade have been working in the library on their feature articles for language arts class. Students read feature articles, brainstormed ideas, researched their topics, took notes from credible sources, and cited sources. Some students are now writing rough drafts.

In February, we will begin One Book, One School. The entire school will be participating in the same read aloud. We will be reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. This is a 2010 Newberry Honor book. Each teacher will have a copy of the book to read aloud to students.

The 40 Book Challenge is still going on for first to fifth grade students. The goal is not for each child to to read 40 books, but rather for each child to read more books that they did last year. Students can use the library App or to log books. Currently, Mrs. Schnier’s class has read the most books for intermediate grades and Mrs. Payne’s class has read the most books for primary grades. Our top readers in each grade (1st-5th) were: Jackson M., Ava I., Bella B., Ava H., and Dylan S. Keep up the great work!

Marie Zimmerman

Library Media Specialist

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5th graders have been considering different perspectives in our artwork, and in our world. We consider our own opinions about art by having a fabulous art debate, where we conclude with the understanding that it's important to listen and value one another's opinions, even if we disagree. Students completed artworks inspired by their everyday lives, and are in the process of creating artworks inspired by another culture.

Visit our website to learn more about what's happening in the art classroom during our Culture Unit!

Jennifer Flynn

K-5 Visual Art Educator

Online Art Exhibits

Students have been adding to their digital portfolios on Artsonia. Parents - you can easily add relatives' email addresses into your child's account, and then they will be notified when new artwork is posted for viewing. It's a great way to share students' creativity with family members that live far away! You should receive an email and/or paper sent home with information to get started! (Their account keeps artwork from year to year, allowing you to see their visual art skills develop over time.) Visit Johnson's Gallery to see all of our amazing artworks.

Artsonia currently has a special offer: Custom keepsakes with your child's art!

Get 25% off one item! Use Promo Code: HolidayFunds16
Special offer applies 25% off one item's non-sale list price. Valid through December 15, 2016.

We need your help! Makerspace and Art Room Donations Needed

We appreciate your donation of any of the materials below.

  • LIBRARY MAKERSPACE NEEDS: Empty paper towel rolls and/or toilet paper rolls
  • ART ROOM NEEDS: Paper Plates (used as palettes for paint mixing), Empty paper towel rolls and/or toilet paper rolls, and Rolls of Ribbon

Thank you for supporting our students' creativity!


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Vincent van Gogh Exhibit - ends Jan 8

Centered on the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Undergrowth with Two Figures, the exhibition explores the significance of the forest interior, or sous-bois, to the art of Vincent van Gogh. Into the Undergrowth traces the evolution of the artist’s style and techniques through this special group of landscape paintings spanning his career. Featuring more than 20 works on loan from American, Asian, and European collections, this exhibition allows visitors to compare Van Gogh’s treatment of this theme with examples by those who influenced and inspired him, including Théodore Rousseau, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet and Paul Gauguin.

Tickets to Van Gogh: Into the Undergrowth include admission to Kentucky Renaissance.

$10 for general public
$5 for children (ages 6-17)
FREE for children 5 and under
FREE for Art Museum Members

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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra - DEC 23

Introduce the whole family to this charming musical story, Peter and the Wolf, on

Fri. December 23, 2016 | 7:30 AM

The heart-warming animated Christmas film The Snowman has been a beloved staple of family holiday entertainment for over 30 years. Your Cincinnati Pops perform Howard Blake’s beautiful score live as the movie plays in high definition over the stage.

Visit the CSO website for tickets and information.