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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

December 7, 2015

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead

WEEKLY THEME: The Sights, Smells and Sounds of Christmas

Christmas is rich in its appeal to the senses, so this week we will explore the five senses with books, poetry, songs, movement, and experiments along with other traditional Christmas activities. It will be a “Sense”sational week as we get ready for Christmas.


Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!!! We will enjoy several versions of the Gingerbread Man and make story maps comparing the different versions. A class book will be produced where each child chooses a character and illustrates a part of the story. Additionally, we will make gingerbread cookies and write about that experience. We will review our letters with spelling dictation and letter activities.

Fairytale: The Gingerbread Man read by John Krasinski by Speakaboos


We will be studying shapes, both 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional for the next two weeks. We will discover the attributes of shapes ...Do they roll, slide, stack? Do they have 3 or 4 sides? How are they the same or how are the different? On Friday, we will have a very special gingerbread math time.

Remember to tear a link daily from your Christmas Countdown Calendar!


Please remember that Wednesday, December 9th is our Christmas Around the World day. Children may dress in a costume from any country. Please send an old Christmas gift bag as a travel bag for your child (the used kind will do nicely.)

Needed for Christmas Around the World: a donation of left over, wrapped Halloween candy or a small bag of wrapped candy ( three of our other classes need wrapped candy for their country and a craft.)

Christmas Socks are due on the 9th,

Please email me your cookie recipe ASAP. Due by the 9th.

Cookies (1 dozen) and cookies boxes are due at school on the 14th.

Please send in your wrapped baby clothing gift by the 14th.

Mark Your Calendar

December 9th

Christmas Around the World Rotations

Christmas cookie recipes( to Mrs. J on line) and Christmas socks ( if they need to have puffy paint) are due at school.

December 14th

Cookies in their individual boxes and baby gifts are due at school.

December 15th

Happy Birthday, Jesus Celebration 1:15-2:45 @ EBL Cafeteria.

All family members are invited for cake, ice cream and punch. I have already sent information that explains the ministry that the children will be involved in during this party and details about a Cookie Walk in another communication. I do understand about an information overload! Sometimes it helps to emphasize information in a separate document. Please let me know if you have questions.


Dear Families,

I hope that you enjoyed the Christmas program Thursday evening. If you were not yet in the Christmas spirit, just looking at those beautiful, happy faces and hearing the joy in the songs sung should have sky-rocketed your Christmas joy well into the busy December days ahead. What a wonderful evening! Thank you for all you did to help that happen!