Step by Step Instructions

1. Get a UT IED. This is will be your login for the online homework system.

2. Go to You will see the information below.

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3. Click on "Get a UT EID" and follow the online directions.

4. SAVE your login and password in your phone's contacts. Your teacher will be unable to help you recover your login information if you forget it.

5. Go to

6. Click on the QUEST link - the ORANGE star.

7. Have your teacher's course number/unique id ready. Your teacher may have
  • given this to you in class,
  • sent it to you in a text
  • placed this information on under the "My Teacher" link/button.

8. Login to QUEST.

9. Scroll down to "Enroll in new course".
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10. Enter your course number/unique id and click "Search". More than one course may come up with the same course number. Select the correct course by its description and click "request enrollment".

11. Your teacher will have to approve your enrollment before you can access any of the online course assignments.

12. Once your teacher has approved your enrollment, login to QUEST and begin completing your assignment.

On-Level and Honors Physics ONLY - Each unit will have two posted assignments.

  • An assignment titled with the unit of study. This assignment is for a grade.
  • An assignment titled with the unit of study followed by "Solutions". This assignment has the worked out solutions to the problems. NOTE - the problems are identical to your assignment but the numbers have been changed.
13. If you have any questions on how to use QUEST, ask your teacher. If your teacher is unavailable go to

14. If you have any technically difficulties with your login you will need to contact the QUEST Service Desk. Your teacher is not permitted to contact QUEST on your behalf.

QUEST Service Desk

Click here for HELP.