Vegetarianism.Is it worth it?

By:Justin field

Have you ever thought about being a vegetarian? If I were you I would think again! Vegetarianism can kill. So if I were you I would think again.
Vegetarianism can malnourish people. This is because of a lack of necessary proteins. Also a lack of iron count in your body. Lastly a lack of vitamins meat offers. So if I were you I wouldn't become a vegetarian because of the risk of malnourishment.
Vegetarianism can be more expensive. If you want to be a vegetarian you better hope you are rich. This is because it takes less meat to make someone not hungry then it takes vegetables fill someone up. Plus meat substitutes can be very expensive compared to real meat. So unless your rich I would rethink being a vegetarian if I were you.
Meat is good for you. Without meat you could easily lack vitamin b12. And if you lack vitamin b12 you can have memory loss and even worst stuff could happen. Also if a kid is a vegetarian vitamin b12 deficiency can still be happening years after they stopped being a vegetarian. And vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to weakness, fatigue,anemia, and more.
Being a vegetarian can lead to a better life style. It is less money to grow crops then to raise cattle. That might be true but meat is healthy. But raising cattle wastes water. Vegetables can take a lot of water to grow also. But vegetables decrease chances of some diseases. From a lack of protean meat provides people can get bad diseases and possibly never recover from those diseases.
So next time you think about being a vegetarian think twice. Think of the many positives other than the few positives.Think of the expense. The possible disease. Think of how meat is good for you.


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