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Ms. Higgins' Classroom Newsletter

Message from Ms. Higgins

Thank you for attending Back to School Night! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I hope that your Kindergarten Student enjoyed Pirate Day :) Thank you for making our first party a success!

Shady Brook Farm Field Trip!

Friday, Oct. 16th, 9:15am-1:45pm

931 Stony Hill Road

Morrisville, PA

Information on how to be a chaperone is forthcoming! We only can select several parents to attend the trip with us. Thank you in advance for your understanding!


Friday, Oct. 30th, 2-3pm

35 Princeton Avenue

Hopewell, NJ

Information regarding the Halloween Class Party will be shared shortly.


Monday: Gym (Wear Sneakers!)

Tuesday: Library (Don't forget books!)

Wednesday: Social Skills/Spanish

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

This Week In Kindergarten...

Morning Meeting!

We start each day with Morning Meeting! Morning Meeting consists of:

  1. Morning Greeting: Knock Knock!
  2. Morning Message
  3. Calendar
  4. Morning Movement: A Pirate You Shall Be!
Just Dance Kids 2014 - A Pirate You Shall Be

Writers' Workshop


  1. Writers draw pictures Using the "Picture" in their Brain to help them capture every detail.
  2. Writers Label everything in their drawings by stretching words and putting every sound they hear on paper.
  3. Writers generate ideas by thinking about someone they love.

After each mini-lessons students go off to write stories on their own!

Ways to Help at Home:

  • Create a writing center at home! Include paper, pencils, and crayons/markers
  • Start encouraging students to ssstttrreeeettcccchhhh out words with their word rubber bands :) (Do your best not to step in our correct!)
  • Send me pictures of writing at home and I will "tweet" them on our classroom Twitter!

Readers' Workshop


  1. Readers learn how to take care of books by turning pages gently and selecting books that interest them!
  2. Readers learn how to "Partner Read" by sharing a book with a partner.
  3. Readers take turn sharing their books with their partner during "Partner Reading"

After each mini-lessons students go off to read books on their own!

Ways to Help at Home:

  • Create a library or simple environment for students to select books!
  • Encourage students to care for books gently and read from front to back.
  • Send me pictures of reading at home and I will "tweet" them on our classroom Twitter!


Letters of the Week:

  • t-top-/t/
  • b-bat-/b/
  • f-fun-/f/

Activities Completed in Class:

  1. Echo/Find Letters: Students need to find letters based on the letter sounds.
  2. Sky Write/Letter Formation: Students learn how to write the letters of the week
  3. Student Notebooks: Students practice writing the letters of the week with proper formation (remember letters fall from the sky just like rain :) )
  4. Word Sorts: Students complete picture/word sorts for the letters of the week.

Below is a video going through the Fundation Letter Cards. Start practicing at home to learn the fundation lingo!

FUNdations A - Z Letter Practice


This week we had opportunities to explore with our math manipulatives! We will begin to start the Everyday Math Curriculum this week :)


WE FOUND THE PIRATE TREASURE! And learned our way around the school :)

Thank you for helping us make Pirate Day a Success!

Go Noodle!

Check out the Go Noodle website to view all of our Brain Break and Morning Movement videos in addition to some new ones :)

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