Lion's Roar

October 21, 2019

Upcoming Events

October 20: Old Garden Clean Up Day (1-4pm)

October 21-24: Savers Drive (Science Camp fundraiser)

October 22: Zumba Night Out @ Lietz 7:00pm

October 23: Parenting with Positive Discipline @ 7:00pm

October 24 : Principal's Coffee @ 8:15am

October 28: Pumpkin Contest

October 31: Halloween Parade @ 8:30am

October 31: Family Night - No Homework

Nov. 4-7: Book Fair

November 6: Bike Rodeo @ 1:25pm

November 6: HSC Meeting @ 7:00pm

November 7: Picture Makeup

Nov. 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14: Parent/Teacher Conferences (Dismissal @ 1:15pm)

Rawking the Walk!

Lietz Walk-A-Thon Huge Success!

Thank you to ALL who participated, volunteered, and came to celebrate our walkers!!! You all truly RAWKed the WALK!!!

We are still accepting donations online and via envelopes!!! So if you forgot your envelope please bring it on Monday. If you need to donate online the link is still up and working!! If you had a BLAST and you want to donate more we would really appreciate it.

The best part of the day was seeing the joy on the kids' faces. They all had a blast and we are so excited to see all your pictures!! Please remember to email your event pictures to

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The first parent-teacher conference is designed to recognize your child's strengths and needs, to coordinate school and home support, and to better familiarize the classroom teacher with your child. In fact, it is a sharing time whereby parents and teachers discuss and plan how best to assist the child in the learning process.

This year, conferences will be held November 4-14 (excluding Wednesdays). We will be on early release days (school is out at 1:15pm) everyday from November 4-14.

Conferences are scheduled in time blocks set by the teachers. We ask your cooperation in being prompt to your conference time and date so there will be maximum time to talk about your child.

Please consider the items below before the conference to help with your conversation with the teacher:

· What are your child's strengths and needs?

· Does your child enjoy reading and/or writing?

· Does your child have an interest in math and/or science?

· How does your child show interest in art, drama and music?

· What physical activities does your child enjoy?

· How do you support school learning at home? How often do you read with your child?

· Is there educational, family, and/or medical history that may affect your child's educational growth that should be shared with the teacher? (This information will be kept confidential.)

Research shows that parent involvement in a child's education is a critical factor in determining the degree to which a child will be successful in school. Please make attending the parent/teacher conference one of the ways you will be involved in your child's education.

PBIS Corner

Lietz Lions filled up the Lion's Den with PAWS tickets, and earned a Rock n' Roll extended recess. Students showed off their best moves to some hip tunes. Remember to ask your children what PAWS stands for, and how they can show PAWS at school and at home!

Halloween Info!

We are excited to see everyone at our Halloween Parade on October 31 at 8:30am. (There will be no parade if it is raining.) Please do not park in the staff parking lot on this day. Some reminders:

We want to encourage positive, child-appropriate costumes. Please remember that we have children as young as 5 at Lietz…and they will all be seeing the costumes.

      • No blood/gore

      • No masks at school

      • No “weapon-like” props. (This includes items such as toy guns, knifes, swords, light sabers, etc.)

      • Shoes must be appropriate for school.

      • Please do not have students bring hairspray/color or make-up with them to school. If these things are needed, a parent would need to apply them during lunch recess. It is also great to save these “finishing touches” for the evening “trick or treating.”

  • “Parade” Information (There will not be a parade if it is a rainy day.)

    • The parade will begin shortly at 8:30am.

    • The parade route will be around the perimeter blacktop.

    • Spectators should find space behind classes and should not be in the center of the blacktop. Someone will be available to help guide spectators.

    • Each class will do one lap around the blacktop.

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