That Was Then, This is Now


Even when a friendship is strong, doesn't mean it will last forever.

In "That is Then, This is Now" Mark and Bryon had a friendship which seemed forever. Nobody ever got in the way and broke them apart. Mark, when he was little had a very harsh life. Everyday he had to deal with his parents screaming in each others years, but because Mark had Bryon he never let it get to him. Now, Mark lives with Bryon and he's very happy about it. Bryon, on the other hand has a better life, besides his mom was in the hospital for a while. Everybody thought there friendship was forever until Bryon called the cops on Mark. Therefore, is there friendship actually forever or is that just what they thought?

Friendship facts :

  • Friendship is a relationship between 2 or more people that bond together.
  • Being a true friend is when you're always by that persons side, you appreciate the things they do for you and you suport everything about them.
  • It is a well known fact that when you move through childhood, you will either stay friends with a certain person or will not.

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Is your friendship actually real?

Is a friendship actually true when you do something to hurt them? I believe that you make friendships out of what you want them to be. If you actually wanted to be someones friend, you would always protect them and never try to hurt them in any kind of way. In my life i have experienced very tight and close friendships and also very poor friendships and not trustful. You have to decide yourself if a friendship is true or not. Not everybody is as nice as you think and you could get hurt in the end. But if someone hurts you that is suppose to be your "friend" are they actually a true friend?
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Coming from this picture quote above, not every friendship needs a daily conversation, & needs to be together to have a feeling of true friendship. What friendship should be is one another caring no matter where they are at or what they are doing.
"Count on Me"

This video shows two people caring about each other and always being able to count on each other.

Fun facts

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