Reducing fat, sugar and sodium

Made by: Ashley Walker

Ways to Lower Fat in the Diet

  • Season vegetables with herbs,spices,and lemon instead of butter
  • Use low fat and skim milk products instead of whole milk
  • Trim fat from meats before and after cooking
  • Roast, boil, bake, or broil rather than fry
  • Chill meat or poultry broth until the fat becomes solid,then skin off fat before using

Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption in the Diet

  • Serve fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks rather than candy and cookies
  • Drink fruit juice or unsweetened tea instead of soft drinks
  • Add fruit to unflavored yogurt rather than buying flavored yogurt
  • Buy unsweetened cereals and add fruit instead of sugar
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits(either fresh, frozen, or canned in its own juice rather than syrup)

Controlling Sodium in the diet

  • Substitute herbs and spices for salt when preparing food
  • Taste food before adding extra salt
  • Use lemon juice or balsanic vinegar instead of salt on vegetables and fish
  • Eat fewer salty snack items, such as pretzels and chips
  • Read labels and compare food at the supermarket and buy those without added salt