Oakland Schools presents...

Social Justice Project

Participation in this series is by invitation only. This workshop will develop knowledge and skills of teachers and educational professionals for strengthening inter-group relations and institutional change. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class and other forms of diversity can contribute to excellence in education, but teachers require information and ideas to incorporate content into curricula and courses, facilitate inter-group relations, and create institutional changes. As segregation and diversity grow in metropolitan Detroit, educators will be challenged to recognize differences, increase interactions across boundaries, handle classroom conflict, and create changes in school and communities. The workshop will enable teachers and educational professionals to: understand core concepts of inter-group relations and institutional change; assess their own social identities and how these identities affect the classroom experience; understand how students’ social identities affect teaching and learning; develop hands-on practice skills, e.g., creating safe spaces, handling incidents, learning pedagogical techniques for critical thinking and intercultural maturity; apply group process activities to strengthen Passion, Awareness, Skills, and Knowledge. The workshop will examine roles of teachers as allies, advocates and change agents in their own classroom, and also enable participants to formulate strategies for institutional change, e.g., implementing new classroom practices, preparing implementation plans at the school level, and building professional learning communities. The workshop will include experiential exercises, readings, discussions, and individual and group projects. It will include opportunities for guided reflective practice, and sharing for personal and professional development.

This professional learning will be offered twice a year. Each session is four full days.

Oakland Schools facilitator: Jay B. Marks, Ph.D.