North Korea ~ Bombs

March 20, 2016. By: Kateri Hills

The Bomb Rumors are True!

We have to discovered that North Korea's hydrogen bomb rumors are true. Many countries are fearing this might get out of hand, also they fear how they will use them. Some are predicting that North Korea wants to start a war, the United States is fearing that North Korea will aim for them first.

The History

Two months ago, all of the world was at ease. This was because the rumors of the bombs in North Korea. The world feared that North Korea's leader, Kim Jong- un would do something unpredictable with the weapons. North Korea and the US have had some history with each other, we don't want them to start any type of war again. We have had war with them before it was called the Korean War. Also they are a communist country, the US doesn't support dictators and communist countries.