How to submit your windshield check

Follow these steps

It's important that everyone do well in this course--each of you has the ability to make an "A"! With that in mind, each Thursday, you are REQUIRED to text, message, or email your Windshield Check . text is best, but If you email put "[your name] windshield check” in the subject line. If you text, MAKE SURE you include your name in the text.


1. Review your lessons and assignments for this week.

2. Choose one windshield from the list below that best represents your learning during the current week--clear, rain, bugs, or mud.

A clear windshield means you are sure of what's going on and everything is fine!

A rain windshield means you've done quite a bit, but there are a few clouds, and you need to make up work.

A bugs windshield means you have some clue, but it's a bit foggy.

A mud windshield means you don't understand what's going on.

3. Text/email or message your name, windshield type (first column) AND a brief explanation of why you chose that windshield. Make SURE to include your name.

Here are two examples.

Smith, A: Rain, had trouble getting wordle to open, but OK now OR

Jones, K: Clear, all good!