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Your city's best events are right around the corner.


Your city's best events are right around the corner.


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Download Roammeo as your guide

Roammeo shows you all of the events happening in your city and campus based on where you’re standing and what you’re interested in. Download the award-winning free app or visit our website and instantly see what’s going on around you.

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Exploration. Simplified.

Take out your phone, choose some interests, and instantly find something cool to do on the map. A trending view keeps you posted on the most popular gigs in town. And when you give an event a thumbs up or down, see the results adjust accordingly. Within a minute or two, you'll be off your couch and out into the city, Roammeo in hand.

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Give your online calendar a makeover.

If you're an event host, make your event calendar interactive. Reach people when and where they're looking for something to do with our map and list views. To submit an individual event, add it to the site. To feature a full calendar, contact us.

  • Brand your events with custom icons, or display them privately for people with specific interests.

  • Tailor your content for different users. Give students, parents, and visitors each their own list of recommended events.

  • Optimize for mobile. The people who come to your events are always moving. Use Roammeo's multi-device app to connect with them on the go.

  • Manage your events in real-time - add new ones, change locations, and shift dates in seconds with our admin client.

  • Sit back and relax - we can pull your events from your existing calendar, with no extra work required.

  • Collect the data you want on which events are popular, saved, and shared.


Best App Ever

"Best app ever - helps me find and plan all my nightly activities!"

- by Big Bobby Jr.

Senior Perspective

"This app is awesome. Having every event pinned on a map with the names of buildings, times, and descriptions is great. This would have [saved] me from getting lost or being late to things so many times freshman year."

- by Richard Mazzuto

Wherefore Art Thou, Roammeo?

"Life in general is plagued by an overwhelming number of events...Well, some ingenious Yale students came up with a solution: Roammeo."

- by the Yale Herald

An app by Roammeo, Inc.

We began as a team of Yalies who wanted to solve the gap between event hosts and local residents. We thought it was crazy that we lived on a campus and in a city where we always knew that something good was going on, but we had no way of finding out what that something was. So we set out to make the most intelligent event discovery service that the world had ever seen.

Along the way, we successfully launched at Yale and in New Haven, won the Yale Venture Challenge and the Yale College Council App Competition, and became finalists at MassChallenge. Now we’re growing into new cities to continue to help you discover the amazing events happening right outside of your front door.