By: Jade Holmen

Background Information

The country I'm researching is Barbados, the capital is Bridgetown. Some major cities are Bridgetown, Speightstwon, Oistins, and Bathsheba.


Barbados was controlled by another country, the United Kingdom. They gained their independence in 1966. They are not controlled by another country at the moment. Barbados is part of the Caribbean archipelago, to the far east.

Language and Flag

People who live in Barbados will generally speak English(British) from previously being ruled by a British society. Their flag is divided in 3 sections, there are 2 blue outer sections to represent the sea and sky, and yellow in the middle for their sand and beaches. And finally there is a trident in the middle to represent the sea god, Neptune.

Geographical Information

Barbados is to the right of Saint Lucia and Grenada as well as Martinque. Barbados is the most eastern island for the Carribeans. Three physical feautures are Mt. Hillaby which is the highest point at 1,120 ft, Eighty-five percent of the island's surface consists of coralline limestone twenty-four to thirty metres thick; Scotland District contains outcroppings of oceanic formations at the surface, and finally streams saturate soil to create caves such as the Coles Cave.


Barbados is a Democratic government, and their leader is Prime Minister Rt. Hun. Freundel Stuart(DLP)


Their currency is Barbados Dollars(BBD) and their economic system is capitalism

Tourist Information

You should visit Barbados because they always have great weather, white sandy shores, and an amazing rich history. Tourists should really check out their beaches, the south, north, east, and western beaches are all amazing for either fishing or surfing. They should also visit their museums in Bridgetown because is so much to learn about their culture and historic cities.