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Making You Famous In Your Niche

Public Relations

Amplify Your Brand, Spread Your Story and Reap the Rewards

  • Accelerate your entry into the marketplace by creating brand awareness
  • Position your company and your book in the market as unique offer, differentiating it from the competition
  • Develop an analysis for your potential markets, and strategies to reach them
  • Create the messaging and pitches for your company's persona, its services and your new book
  • Amplify your story so that your hard work and unique perspective is recognized
  • Connect you with the influencers in your industry
  • Secure press for you in regional media
  • Introduce you to top bloggers to share your story and get coverage
  • Secure media placement in top national magazines and newspapers
  • Secure speaking engagements and panels to grow your exposure
  • Promote you as an interesting guest on panels


Strategic Approaches to Conquering the Marketplace

  • Assess your needs for online and offline marketing platforms (i.e., email marketing software, blog, website, mailing list, press kit, etc.) and make recommendations
  • Create case studies from your company's successful deployments
  • Offer a cohesive marketing strategy for the book and the consulting practice
  • Create a thought leadership plan for calls, media interviews and meetings
  • Create an overarching social media strategy for the book and consulting practice
  • Create an editorial calendar and plan out the content strategy
  • Do a thorough website strategy evaluation with recommendations
  • Review communications and landing pages for marketability and conversion
  • Build a book mini-site, promotional page and online presence for the book as its own product


Spread the Word in Person - Building Your Tribe One at a Time

  • Connect with a variety of groups who would make a natural fit with you, your book, the topic, and audience
  • For example, women's business and networking groups in Tier 1 cities (ex., LA, NY, SF) and Tier 2 cities (ex., Austin, Raleigh, Denver, Seattle)
  • Research other strategic partners to co-produce or sponsor events
  • Ensure a critical mass audience at each city's event to reach ROI
  • On-the-ground logistics to concept, plan and execute flawless, engaging and worthwhile events in each city
  • Resourceful budgeting to get the biggest bang for the buck, includes research to find the right target market, niche marketing to the audience, a high participation rate, and thoughtful follow-up

Marketing Tactics - How to Get It All Done

We can work with your designated in-house intern to execute the tactics and details to complete the campaign. This approach would save time, money and resources as we could coach and manage him/her and free up your time for big picture work.

Items such as:

  • Administrative work

  • Research

  • Budgets

  • Informational phone calls

  • Reports

  • Event Coordination

  • Scheduling

  • Invoicing

  • Writing

  • Maintaining contact databases

  • Reaching out with news of the launch, company and events

Joint Project / Job Sharing

Sandra Barry

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Sandra Barry is an experienced strategic marketing consultant, and seasoned business owner who lives in Raleigh, NC. She has helped hundreds of businesses develop new business areas and organize for growth through direct marketing and interactive marketing, and business development consulting. She's been nominated for Working Woman Magazine's Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Inc/MCI's Positive Performer Award, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and GE's "Women Helping Women" Award. She's a pioneer in e-book sales with the first one sold online in 1997 and an expert in web strategy for many industries. She holds an MBA in Marketing from New York University.

Sandra Barry has delivered web marketing services for Adobe Systems, A1 Books, AMK Associates, CCS/Spyzone,, Cybergrrl, EIU/The Economist, Ermenegildo Zegna, GoldToe, The Health Channel, Lands End, ModelsInfo, Neiman Marcus, Netgrocer, Depot, People Magazine (Time Inc.) Pillsbury, Rolling Stone Magazine,, Smiles Coffee, Subaru, and WTA Tour.