Air-Sea Connection

Chapter 10

The Earth's Heat Balance

We only receive about 50% of the sunlight that the sun gives off. Which is good for us, because our bodies would not hold up with all of the ultraviolet radiation. Of the 5% of the ultraviolet snow may be one of the main things redirecting it unlike black snow which does not reflect light very well.

We are lucky to have the atmosphere to protect us. though it does it a little too well. When the earth relishes the infrared radiation the atmosphere redirects it back at the surface instead of relising it into space making it hotter hand hotter until life on earth is imposable.

The atmosphere

there are four layers in the atmosphere. Those being, the lowest level is the troposphere. the one above it is the stratosphere. the next level is the mesosphere. the last one the one on the very top is the thermosphere. those are the layers of the atmosphere.

the atmosphere is also made of multiple gases. it manly is made of nitrogen. it makes 78.08% of the atmosphere. The 2 gas that makes most of the atmosphere is oxygen. it makes up 20.95% of the atmosphere. the other gases aren't as used the others are argon, which is .93%, carbon dioxide, which makes up .03%, the book does not say the other gases.

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