School Store

By: Cody McKenzie

Code of Ethics

Handling cash and checks

Problems include losing money or money being stolen. To fix this problem install cameras for theft and a better process to not loose money.

Negotiating Prices

Problems include arguments between negotiators. To fix this problem price negotiating should not be aloud.

Accepting gifts from suppliers

Problems from accepting gifts from suppliers would be a misunderstanding with "gifts" and the supplier may think you will pay for it but you think that its free. To prevent this it would be wise to politely decline the gift.

Selling damaged merchandise

The problem with this would be that customers would be very unhappy and have complaints about the store. To fix this, do not sell any damaged merchandise.

Merchandise return policy

The problem with merchandise return policy is that customers may try to return items that they have thoroughly used already. To fix this the return policy should be eliminated in the school store.

Handling shoplifters

The problem with shoplifters is that they are taking products without paying for it. To fix this it would be smart to have some type of security or cameras.

Accounting procedures

Problems with this would be that people who don't know how to do accounting would mess it up. To solve this have accounting certified people only do the accounting

Employee theft

The problem with this is employees are stealing from the store. To fix this have security cameras and harsh disciplinary action.

Supporting advertising promises

The problem with this would be not keeping promises you've made to your customers. To fix this keep and make all promises you make with your customers.

Checking in merchandise when received

The problem with this would be that when merchandise is received and employees don't check it in. To fix this problem make sure all merchandise is checked in immediately when received.