Raymore Update: 8/26/13

News for & about our staff family & PLC!

Wish You Well: An Update from GG

Her husband Rene remains at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa for the 3rd week. Two of his sisters are with him now, and GG and her family visited this weekend to celebrate his birthday on 8/24. This week brings some encouraging news: He's finally gained 5 pounds and reached 125 lbs, they're reducing his feeding tube from 12 to 8 hrs/day, and his white blood cell count is holding! She says she appreciates many of you for checking on her and all of your prayers.

Conscious Discipline

Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 7:30am-5:15pm

Coordinator room-Karen & Linda!

Here are the subs we have lined up for Monday, August 26.

8-10:30 This group eats lunch like normal at their class's lunch shift.

Vaughan/Allen--Janice Robertson

Murphy--Connie Clark

Riker--Amanda Carver


Sorrick--Mrs Braden


Zelinko--Danette Newton

11-2 This group eats lunch 10:30-10:55

Willis--Janice Robertson

Spiller--Connie Clark






2:15-4 This group wears jeans!

Spencer--Janice R This sub can "float"; Catie is absent.

Goodwin--C Clark

Grimes--Amanda Carver





Tues Collab-Allison will now be here ALL day helping with visuals! (We'll see Cheris in Sept!)

Tuesday, Aug. 27th 2013 at 9:30am

Computer Lab-Collab plan times

Speaking of last Wednesday's commitments...Allison has agreed to come support us in developing visuals for the classroom! So, bring your daily schedule +1 particularly challenging routine/transition procedure. She'll meet you in the lab! Thanks to Seth for loading Boardmaker!

Click HERE for Debbie Miller: Letting Kids Dig In *Takeaways from the PDN Common Core training

See Erica, Jennika, Lauren, Meredith or Michelle for more details.

"It used to be that, once I’d determined the focus of children’s reading work for the following day, I’d spend most of my time planning the lesson. I’d find that “just right” book, figure out where I’d think aloud and what I’d say, and identify places where I’d ask children to talk with each other about something specific.

Nothing wrong there—but here’s the shift: Now, once I identify our learning target, I no longer dive into planning the mini-lesson. Instead, I plan what students will do during work time to grow as readers and get smarter. What will they read, write, and talk about? How can I engage them so that they will be able to increase their stamina and sense of agency, independence, and grit? How will they demonstrate their understanding of the learning target?

Once I know what kids will be doing during their work time, planning the lesson falls right into place. I ask myself the following questions:

*What will students need most from me in order to do their best during the work time?

*How will I show them?

*What resources will I need?"

Click HERE for Debbie's reference to Richard Allington's 6 elements of instruction that every child should experience every day. *Takeaways from PDN CC cont.

See Erica, Jennika, Lauren, Meredith or Michelle for more details.

Are You Willing? (Commitment structure from Conscious Discipline)

From our 8/21/13 PLC Faculty Collab: Allison asked us...

Are you willing to commit to putting up one visual schedule/routine in your classroom? Are you willing to create a visual for a student who is struggling?

From my RP reading list: Cultures Built To Last: Systematic PLCs at Work (DuFour & Fullan, p. 2-3)

The PLC process is a cultural transformation that has lasting value (and results!) (Cross-connections in bold)
  • It requires significant changes to traditional schooling practices that have endured for over a century. SRR In particular, it changes the way that just about everyone relates to each other in the school and across schools and the system. Leader in Me/Shared Leadership/Accountability
  • It is certain to create conflict! 2nd order change
  • It is multifaceted. Leaders (teachers, principals, etc.) do not have the luxury of focusing on only a single aspect of the organization that requires attention. It's hard, not because we're doing it wrong but because ensuring learning for all is just hard...but our kids are worth it & we can do it!
  • It is a heuristic process of trial and error. There is no formula to be followed that guarantees the desired outcomes. Much of the cultural change involves working through complexity, finding out what is working and what isn't, and making adjustments based on the data. Invention reasoning!
  • It never ends! Creating the commitment to continuous improvement inherent in the PLC process means you never "arrive." Growth mindset

Teachers: Check out Common Core sample test items to use, esp. the "performance events," in either Gr3 or 4!

http://sbac.portal.airast.org/practice-test/ Kudos to ANGIE, JENNIKA, LAURA, MEREDITH, SHAWNA, SETH, SHERRI & VALERIE for beginning implementation of these last year!

Rigor & Relevance Tidbit

(Discussed by AcS at our Admin Mtg) We know rigor is NOT just more problems or a longer assignment! Rigor is also NOT just how difficult an item/question is! Surprised? Rigor is the inherent complexity of a concept and thinking process we require students to engage in when applying it! Do you wait/delay until they've mastered isolated skills? If we wait til all the basics are perfect, they won't get there nor will they desire to! Remember, RELEVANCE can keep kids persisting through RIGOROUS learning! Check out this GREAT R/R resource.


F.A.I.L.="First Attempt In Learning"

(Shared by Karmin Ricker at our Admin Mtg) When we assess FOR learning, learning is the constant and time is the variable. No longer do we average in the first "score" a child got on an early assignment; we know that only tells us how much schema they started with! Ask ourselves: When a student initially performs at a "1," were they ready to be assessed in the first place?

Take-Aways from Admin Mtg 8-21-13

  • Running Start for Kindergarten summer school- Stonegate teachers report enormous success in kids learning how to "do school" and marked difference socially and academically among kids who did/did not attend; feedback from them & parents was overwhelmingly positive. July 14-August 6, 2014 RP is considering expanding in all elementaries. If you're kindergarten certified, I encourage you to think and consider this. RP wants to ensure our kids have every shot at readiness.
  • Springfield Public Schools is moving to a year-round calendar (roughly the same total days of school). Stay tuned for news from them about hopeful success as they move away from the centuries old "agrarian calendar."
  • Reminders from our July law conference:
  • Hotline Calls-If you suspect abuse/neglect, immediately notify principal/AP/counselor who will aide in class coverage and you will jointly make the call with the P/AP/C. If you aren't sure but wonder about abuse/neglect, still immediately call the P/AP/C.
  • OCR-Section 504 Be very cautious about following best professional, consistent, practices; documentation is critical, including contacts with parents, curriculum marks/grades, etc.
  • Emails: Just use good judgement :) Specific recent reminders: Be sure to keep things professional/factual and only include people who “need to know”. Deleted email can be retrieved. If you have to use a student’s name, use only one student per email. Caution using professional email for personal communication because it could be read/reviewed. Even when you don't name a child, their identify could still be reasonably inferred.
  • MLS: Missouri Learning Standards are the title of those standards our state Board of Education approved/adopted. Missouri controls the standards for Missouri’s students. Currently they reflect the CCSS. Our local district will always maintain our local standards, calendar, assessments, and instructional programs; RP controls what kids learn here in our classrooms. You are in a great position to communicate with parents who are worried or confused, and there is both worry and concern in certain circles.
  • K-4 students will receive Gmail accounts so they can access Chromebooks to research/design, take assessments you create in Google forms, etc. We will need to prepare careful, proactive PR for parents about the why/need and the safety steps involved. Please refrain from notifying parents until we know more.
  • PTR Assessment Templates for K-2 were provided by district to each teacher, shared with the principal and reading interventionist. These are fantastic and thank you to KRISTIN M whose brainchild this was!
  • Learning Target Grids for all K-4 Kudos to SETH for creating these initial templates! These will be used in all of our sister schools too :) After meeting with a few of you, we have some deeper curriculum conversations still occurring that will drive updates to these grids to make them meaningful and relevant for YOUR use :)

2013-14 DATES & TIMES (as of Apr. 4, 2013)

August 19-Sept 3 Fall SRI window

August 26-Sept. 20 Acuity Predictive A window

August 27-29 PTR training session (4-8 pm @ Academy Building) Moots, Polley, Patterson

Sept. 3- Oct. 15 Fall AIMSWeb window

Sept 10 PK-6 Vertical Collaboration (4:15 @ Academy Building)

Sept. 13 Midterm of First quarter

*Fall P/T Conference times

*Oct. 23 K-6 staff times 2:00 - 8:00pm

*Oct. 23 7-12 staff " 1:00 - 7:00pm

*Oct. 24 K-12 staff " 12:00 - 8:00pm

*Winter At-Risk Conferences

*Feb. 18 K-12 changed to 9:30 - 7:00 staff reporting times

*9:30 PLC / Collaboration

*12:30 - 7:00 At-Risk Conferences