Photo Essay

By Luis Merchan

School Dress Code, Clothes Choices

When you take away a student way of dressing you take more than their clothes, you take away the way they express themselves. In my opinion, when the school away your choice of how you dress they also take away your freedom of speech, because the way a person dresses tell you a lot about the person they are. Sometimes students just want to wear clothes the are comfortable, like: tanks top, short shorts, or cutoffs. School also don't allow students to wear clothes the have an "inappropriate message", but for students it is nothing more than a shirt.
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Tank Tops

Male students just want to by comfortable and wear shirt without sleeves, because it feels good. Some students have bigger arm than other students so when they wear shirts with sleeves it gets uncomfortable. In my opinion have a strict rule on tank tops is really unnecessary.
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Short shorts

Just because male students don't have any self control doesn't mean girls shouldn't be allowed to wear what they want including short shorts. Girls should have to be punish just because immature boys. When it gets hot most girl whats to wear clothes the is suitable for the weather.
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Dressing up

Some students like up or dress different than other students. When you see student dresses like this it tell you a lot about them.
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Know and days people are wearing clothes the are different than other people. People call them "hipster" now. Their style is really different than what we are use to. They using wear glasses, Converse and they roll up their jean. They also like to wear plaid shirt and looking unique.

classic look

Some student just wear regular clothes. it is a classic look a shirt with jeans and shoes. Those student the wear this kind of clothes just want to fit in because mostly everyone wear this kinds of outfits.