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November 9, 2018

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Dear Families,

We only have one more week of school, and then we are off for Thanksgiving break! Where did the time go? Then after Thanksgiving, we only have four weeks until Winter Break. The school year is flying by.

Since August, we have received feedback from several parents that some of our kids find the pacing here at Manning to be arduous. This Thanksgiving holiday came up on us quickly, and our teachers have certainly covered a lot of material between now and the first day of school. Indeed, we expect a lot from our students - academically, behaviorally, and socially. We are proud of our teachers for providing rigorous lessons here at Manning that require critical thinking and develop what we call "leverageable skills" - skills that will help our students be successful in the future with whatever it is they decide to do. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, please keep in mind we don't plan on slowing down. It is so critical for the benefit of our students that we maintain a sense of urgency in the classroom in the midst of the Holiday season. That being said, I think we are looking forward to a full week off!

David / Mr. Luongo

9th Annual Short Story Contest

The winners of this year's 9th Annual Manning Short Story Contest were:

6th Grade

Abby Crespin

McKenna Mertz

7th Grade

Maddie Weiser

Maddie Polston

8th Grade

Marin Baltz

Gordon Himes

Congratulations to our wonderful writers! Your language arts teachers are so proud of you. Next, we will enter two of these stories into the CCIRA statewide writing contest. Manning students have placed each and every year that we have entered! Stay tuned for the results!

Mr. Hageman Announces the 7th Grade Winners during Lunch

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Manning Girl Scout Craft Fair

The Manning Girl Scout Troop 68240 is participating in a Craft Fair on Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Bethany Lutheran Church (4500 Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80113). Our troop will be selling baked goods and DIY ornament kits. See attached flyer for additional information.

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Medication Reminders

Should your student need Advil, Tylenol or Aspirin during the school day, they can complete a medication agreement form found on our school web site. This form will also need to be signed by your physician. You will then need to drop off the medication and form to our Health Aide in the clinic for your student’s needs. Your student is allowed to carry a daily dose as long as it’s only a daily dose in its original container and the container has not expired. We have found the travel sizes tend to work best for the student’s needs. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our school Health Aide, Bertha Heesacker.

Growing Beyond Earth

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Our 6th grade STEM students are currently participating in a citizen science project called Growing Beyond Earth. This project is funded by NASA and the Fairchild Botanic Gardens and NASA scientists will be looking at our data to inform what plants to grow next in space. In these pictures, students had to select the weaker plant to give space for the stronger one!
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Word Wonder Students Play Scrabble to Increase Vocabulary

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Message from the PTA

The Manning PTA invites you to its General Meeting on Wednesday, November 14, at 8:30 am in the Conference room. We hope to see you there!

Reminder - JeffCo Has a Full Week off for Thanksgiving

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Know Anyone Interested in Manning?

Our StuCo leaders and Ms. Templeton will be leading tours every Wednesday afternoon during Access Time beginning on November 7th. If anyone you know would like a tour, tell them to arrive at 1:45 on any Wednesday. Please help us spread the word! If any current students have a younger sibling who plans on attending Manning, they are welcome to join a tour!

Also, our next info night is on Wednesday, November 14th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

Students Collaborate to 3-D Print Prosthetic Arms for Barbie

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Hello Manning 6th Grade Families,

We wanted to provide you with some important reminders and dates regarding our 6th Grade Outdoor Lab. If you are participating in the King Soopers fundraiser, you have until March 23rd to use those cards to help contribute towards your student's $350 Outdoor Lab fee. After March 23rd, you will be responsible to pay any balance remaining by April 5th.

For those of you not participating in the King Soopers card fundraiser, the deadline to have the $350 fee paid is April 5th. If it would help you to make your payments in increments, please feel free to do so by contacting our financial secretary Jade Zentz at 303-982-6226. You can make payments over the phone with a credit card. You may also log onto Jeffco Connect and pay the $350 in full at any time.

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Outdoor Lab Spirit Wear!

  • Purchasing Spirit Wear: Spirit Wear is available at Families can also purchase items at the Foundation office, although they should call ahead as our hours vary:

3000 Youngfield St., Suite 167

Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

(Call ahead at (720) 403-8241)

  • Pricing:
    • Hoodies $35
    • T-shirts $16
    • Ball caps $20
    • Beanies $15
    • Water bottles and Sunglasses are each $5.
  • School Delivery Deadline: Families have until January 6, 2019 to place their Spirit Wear order if they’d like it shipped to the school. We deliver all “ship to school” orders the week before they are scheduled to attend Outdoor Lab.

7th Grade Field Trip in March

Parents of 7th-grade Students: In conjunction with the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank in Language Arts class, all 7th-grade students will be attending the Arvada Center's production of Anne Frank in March. The cost of student tickets is $14 per student; the PTA graciously covers the cost of the buses. Please visit Jeffco Connect to pay your student's ticket fee by the end of this semester. 7th-grade Honors Language Arts classes will see the play on March 5; 7th-grade Traditional Language Arts classes will see the play on March 19. The performance time is 10:30-12:30. Thank you for your support of this enrichment opportunity for your student!

Manning Yearbooks & 8th Grade Well Wishes Are on Sale Now

2018-19 Manning Yearbooks are on sale from fall until March 8, 2019.

Packages and A la Carte prices: click here
Purchase all yearbooks online at
Manning yearbook code is: 12208119
Yearbook Purchase Deadline: March 8, 2019.

8th grade Well Wishes: $10 (1/4 page advertisement)
Well Wishes Due Date: Feb 15, 2018

8th Grade Well Wishes

8th Grade well wishes is a $10 1/4 page advertisement add-on to the price of a yearbook. Be sure to submit a photograph and dedication to Lifetouch by February 15, 2019 in order to be included in the yearbook, follow the instructions below:

Your 8th Grade Well Wish must be submitted online at:

Community Image Upload Site Access Code: ALAZBC

1. Upload your Image. (Please only submit 1 image for your student) Images must be at least 300 dpi and only jpg or tiff images are accepted.
2. List your students name under the Keyword
3. Type your dedication under the description
4. Change category to 8th grade Well Wishes
5. Press Submit.

Friday Was Hat Day for Robbie's Hope Foundation

Students could pay a dollar to wear a hat to school on Friday, but many people donated more than a dollar. We ended up raising over $600 for Robbie's Hope.

Winter Performance Tickets Now Available

ELF THE MUSICAL JR!-tickets are $3

December 3, 2018-Dress rehearsal for Elf from 3:30-6:00

December 4, 2018-5:30 pm performance and 7:00 pm performance

WINTER CONCERT-tickets are $3

Dec. 11, 2018- 5:30 p.m. performance and 7:00 p.m. performance

Dec. 12, 2018- 7:00 p.m. performance

Tickets can be purchased from:

***Families are encouraged to only attend one performance so ALL families can watch their student perform***

Margaux Gets an Article Published Again in ColoradoKids

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Macy is ColoradoKids "Reporter of the Week"

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Let Your Kids Know They Can Practice Journalism, Too!

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7th/8th Grade Educational Trip to SEACAMP

7th and 8th Grade Parents,

If your student is interested in attending SEACAMP San Diego this year with our Manning trip the end of this school year from Monday, May 27th through Friday, May 31st, 2019, please let us know by completing our interest form ASAP (no later than Sunday, November 25th). For more information check out this flyer with a sample schedule of activities for the week.

Mandatory meetings for interested participants will be held on Tuesday, November 27th with one after school (3:40-4:25) and one later in the evening (6:00-6:45). This meeting will include getting paperwork and airline deposits to lock in our group airfare rate ($75, please bring a checkbook). We will update participants who have completed the interest form as the meeting date approaches.

6th Graders Return from Winter Break on Jan 8

Please be aware for your vacation planning: 6th Graders' first day back from break will be on Tuesday, January 8th for Outdoor Lab Orientation. More details about that day will come soon.

Lakewood High School Open House for 8th Graders and Families

Lakewood High School will be hosting an 8th Grade Open House on November 13th from 6-7:30 p.m. Any prospective 9th grader who is interested in attending LHS next year is encouraged and welcome to attend. Please arrive by 6pm to meet Principal Dan Bock in the auditorium, followed by visiting representative from Lakewood’s athletic teams, activities, clubs and academic departments. There will also be student let tours during which interested students can ask questions of our seasoned LINK students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Jennifer Gonzales at

If you are an 8th grade parent, we encourage you to be on the lookout for other information sessions at our local high schools.

PE Uniforms for 2nd Semester

Our clothing store is now open and accepting orders until December 16th. If your student's schedule reflects gym class for next semester, please make sure to place an order for your his/her gym uniform if you have not already done so. Uniforms are mandatory for PE Class. Orders will arrive when we return from winter break.

PLC Update

This past Wednesday, our teachers met as an entire group to put our brains together and begin thinking about how a special week in May could look where all of our students engage in projects they are passionate about.

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Sadie Powers is such a genuine person. Everyone loves Sadie because of her positive energy she gives out. At any time and any person, if you are sad you can count on Sadie to be the one person to make you feel better. Adding to that, Sadie is always smiling and her vibrant smile floods the air! To conclude, I love Sadie and her great personality.
  • James Carpenter called out his teacher for not wearing her safety goggles and I appreciate it greatly! I like that James follows the safety rules and makes sure that everyone is being safe in the lab. Way to go!!
  • In guitar class, Hayden Noyes forgot all of his supplies at home, and he decided to be honest and tell Mr. Sawyer about it.


  • I think that Ava is a determined person. She seems to thrive to get better and want to do her best. Ava seems to have a good balance between working hard and being kind to her classmates, like me. I see that she puts in lots of effort and is a strong human being.
  • Over the school year I have noticed that Caroline is a fun person. She is super positive but also gets her work done. Caroline is fun to be around and in science is a great helper. She is willing to work and share her thoughts. I love the way Caroline rolls...
  • Sydney Hertel for giving up her Access once a week to help another student with science.
  • When a 6th grader hurt her ankle at recess, Kyan McCorkle jumped in to hold the door open so we could get her to the clinic.
  • Keileigh Gorman is so nice and she tries her hardest in all her classes. She makes sure to stay positive and finish all her assignment. She also asks questions in class and makes sure she is ready for the test. Keileigh is also very nice to me and keeps me cheerful and happy throughout the day. I am so lucky to have her as a friend.
  • Even though Max Siegal is not he best at art he always keeps trying his best, and never gives up.
  • Haley Bergren worked hard to improve her work in class. Even though it was difficult, she never gave up. I am so proud of her and the effort she has put in to her learning!
  • Thank you Alec Mendez for cleaning up the 6th grade hall after school and continually taking items to the lost and found!
  • In the hallways Sofia Aguilar is always so happy and gives everyone a smile.
  • I have noticed that both Ms. Burg and Ms. Putnam work SUPER hard. They are very inspiring and happy. I love helping both of them out. Mrs. Burg is always happy and wants to hear my ideas. Mrs. Mendez works so hard and is a big role model to me.
  • All of the students and Mrs. McLeod especially makes my ELA experience a blast. Along with learning key concepts and growing lots, I have so much fun and enjoy so much laughter in her classroom. I love the way we can go off track joyfully, which I can not in any other class, and have a quick convo. We talk, share our fun and on point thoughts, and over all just hang out. I loved ELA from the start but as we grow and get more comfortable as a class, my love for reading and writing only grows. I want to go to ELA more then ever and can not wait to see how class goes down each day. THANK YOU Mrs. McLeod for being such a productive and smiley teacher, like no other. THANK YOU to my fellow classmates who help me grow as a reader and writer and as a social person. KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!!!! (Ms. McLeod's 7th Period ELA Class)


  • Mrs. Pouliot is always really helpful and nice. She always makes sure everyone is doing their best and working hard. I'm really glad she is at Manning, she has been superb at doing everything she can to help.
  • Mr. Miller pushes his orchestras and bands toward technical and musical excellence. He holds high standards for them which leads to beautiful music.
  • Avery Mercer strives for excellence in everything she does. She has a deep desire to learn and works hard to achieve her learning goals.


  • Mr. Luongo is always so nice and cheerful in the mornings, and at recess. He complimented me on my hit when we were playing volleyball at recess. He hit an awesome serve too! Good job Mr. Luongo! Thanks for making my weeks at Manning stay and be cheerful!
  • Mrs. Pouliot is a great listener. She respects where every individual is at and tailors her help to best meet their needs.
  • Addy Joy is kind to everyone, she cares about other peoples feelings and is a great friend. One of my friends wasn't able to sit at our table and Addy moved for this person. She sat with people she had never met and made new friends.I think she deserves this nomination because she is a great person.
  • I want to bring up two points for Addison Helms, one repeated. First of all I see Addison working hard and being a good friend. It is noticeable that she wants to get better and be the best that she can be for herself and others. In class she is a leader and is not afraid to speak up. I see her having fun while staying on task. I also think Addison needs to be noticed for her great idea of starting the Inspiration Station google doc. It is a fun and colorful along with serious place you can add and go to for motivation and inspiration. So many people have constantly and at least contributed that deserve credit, but Addison had the amazing heart to start it all. Now 38 pages long and shared with 155+ people her thought to share joy and advice with people is going and growing strong. I know this is a lot but Addison deserves to be noticed, ( along with everybody who has added something and spent time on the document). Thank you Addison for having such a great heart!!!
  • Lisl Gidlund is such a great friend to everyone. If you are in class and the air gets dry, when allowed, Lisl always contributes a good joke and everyone ALWAYS laughs. Not only is Lisl funny, she respects everyone, always. She is honest and loyal in all friendships and is all around just a great person!
  • Chloe Haynes sits next to me in art, and she is always kind and respectful. She helps out at our table and demonstrates lots of effort in her work.
  • Mr. Crawford's 7th Period class works hard to do all their work and they are also respectful to Mr. Crawford during class.
  • Every time I see Soli Fico in the hallways, she is always smiling, sometimes at me too.
  • I have known Julia Kaufoltz for 6 years, she has always been very supportive of me! Over the past few weeks I have had trouble getting my locker open. I think it is awesome that I trust Julia so much with my privacy, and if it weren't for Julia I would have been tarty to alot of classes.
  • I was on crutches and Leif Dahl helped me carry my stuff to the office cause I was about to go to the doctor office and i could not carry my stuff so he helped me.
  • Julia Kaufoltz's bright smile brings me joy everyday!
  • Sophie Wong and Meilin Wiencke are consistently helpful and kind. They help clean up after others, hold the door open for people after lunch, and always speak respectfully and kindly to kids and adults.


  • Abby Clawson is always kind to everyone and cheers me up by saying "hi" during passing period. She is a good friend and amazing person, she is always laughing or smiling when I see her. She is helpful to everyone, and she will always be there for you.
  • I'm nominating Camille Miller because we didn't know eachother and we wher both socialy awkward but we had so much in common that we became best friends! She has taught me so much about some of our favorite things! Thank you Camille!
  • Emerie Nauslar can see if one of her friends are hurt and helps them.
  • Sydney Kitchens always is contributing to the group and is a loyal classmate. She is fun to be around and is very thoughtful. I love the way she participates and shares her ideas in all of the classes I am in with her. I can tell she is working hard and doing her best. Overall she is a beautiful and graceful person with a great sense of style, and urge for achievement.
  • Trizden Bobitsky, Lilly Bailiey, Abby Clausen, & Cora Larson invited our new student to join them for lunch. They waited with her while she got into her locker even though it made them be some of the last students to get to lunch.
  • Kaylee Gilbertson helped me with my math when I needed help.
  • When I felt that I didn't have anyone to hang out with, Kathryn Gilbertson let me come and hang out with her friends.
  • Thank you to: Noah, Abby, Nevaeh, Ava, Shayne, Kindred, Clara, Molly, Maya, Audrey, & Elena for always helping the 6th grade science team with setting up labs. We appreciate your help greatly!
  • Maizy Hoffman and Jordan Beecher come in every morning and ask what they can help with in STUCO. They finish what doesn't get done and start what needs to be started. They are organized, remember all the details and keep us on track! Thank you Maizy and Jordan!
  • Lilli Burnham is an amazing friend! She is always there for me through the ups and downs and never leaves me. She is funny and always brightens my day!
  • Addison was helping someone on crutches to her classroom and risking her self as being marked absent.
  • Lance Oldfather and Sam Christensen are the "wisemen of Word Wonder"! They are so kind to the underclassmen in our class, and truly work as mentors to other young men in our class. I am very proud of them.
  • Sierra Roberts and Chris Suitt worked together to revise and edit each other's writing. They did an amazing job of providing helpful feedback!
  • Adelyn Westfall helped her partner revise and edit his writing. She provided useful feedback so that he could turn in his very best work!
  • Audrey Patton and Mariella Franklin worked together to improve their writing. They each offered very helpful feedback in a kind and respectful way!

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.