Also known as, Cr

Why is Chromium the best element?

Chromium is a Transition metal because it is both ductile and malleable, and also conducts electricity as well as heat. Not only this, but it's valence electrons are found in more than one shell. Cr is a part of Group 6 because it is a Transition Metal that shows pattern its unique electron configuration, especially the outermost shells. What makes Chromium extra special is that, although it is a part of Period Four, it does not follow the exact rules. Most Period Four elements follow the rule in which he element fills it's 4s shell first, then it's 3d and 4d. The Chromium is only part of this period because of the Madelung Energy Overriding Rule.
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Finally, Chromium is a very useful element because it is a great helper in letting us use glucose. The human bodies require glucose for some of it's most important functions. Glucose also serves at the brain's primary energy source. We consume about 1 milligram a day of Chromium because of this process.

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