Transition Plus

Celebrating Black History

Thank you!

Thanks to all who helped make our Visit Transition Plus night on Thursday a success.

We had a good turnout of students and family members, who enjoyed learning about the program, seeing the classrooms and hearing from the student panel.

  • Tia’s students made the cookies and did a great job serving.
  • Students warmly welcomed them in and gave them clear directions on how to sign in. Colleen had the room, schedules and interpreters all organized.
  • Brad set up the technology and Jason presented an great overview.
  • Greg, Mary B, Jake, Tom, Annie, Jewell, Mary A and Darlene opened their classrooms and helped with the tours.
  • It was lovely to see students leaving who were excited to be coming next year, and their families feeling comfortable.

Thanks from the social workers

Reminder of Working Expectations for ESP staff

Based on contract language- here is what ESP staff should expect for their work day.

13.8 Breaks:

13.8.1 Four-Hour Work Day: Educational Support Professionals who work four (4) hours per day shall have a paid fifteen minute break during the work day worked out with and agreed upon by the supervisor and employee.

13.8.2 Five-Hour Work Day: Educational Support Professionals who work five (5) hours or more per day are entitled to a thirty (30) minute unpaid duty free lunch with the exception of

a. Exception: Minneapolis Kids employees who work five (5) or more hours per day are entitled to a thirty (30) minute paid duty lunch.

13.8.3 Six-Hour Work Day: Educational Support Professionals who work six (6) hours per day shall have an additional ten (10) minute break. The fifteen (15) minute break and ten (10) minute break shall be taken in consecutive minutes of fifteen (15) and ten (10) minute blocks of time.

13.8.4 Seven or More Hour Work Day: Educational Support Professionals who work seven (7) hours or more per day shall have two fifteen (15) minute breaks.

13.8.5 Breaks – Timing:

a. Unless mutually agreed upon by the employee and the supervisor, breaks shall not be scheduled for at least thirty (30) minutes after the start of the employee’s scheduled duty day and at least thirty (30) minutes before the end of the employee’s scheduled duty day.

b. Duty free lunch breaks shall be scheduled as close to the middle of the employee’s scheduled duty day, unless mutually agreed upon by the employee and the supervisor.

13.8.6 Break Synopsis:

Hours Worked------10 minutes------15 minutes------30 min lunch




7 or more-------------------------------------------Two-----------------One


  • If you are on a bus route you get two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch
  • Your official working time is until 3:30 unless you do not take your 10 minute break; it has been past practice at T-plus you can punch out early. However, please be aware of the time you are punching out at.
  • Your working time is 9 am -3:30 pm unless otherwise stated. This means ready to work at 9 am.
  • If you are not working as a bus aide your punch in time should be 9 am or before and your punch out time should be 3:20 pm or after (if you didn't get your 10 minute break); there are always things teachers can use help with at the end of the day- clean up, wipe down tables etc. This can also be a nice time to do a quick debrief of the day or issues.
  • If you are unable to get your breaks in, please first talk with your teacher. If it continues to be an issue talk with Daphne.

Time in ESS

It is your professional responsibility to place your time in ESS. I have instructed Farida to not be placing your time in ESS, unless there is a problem and you are needing assistance.

  • If you do not place your correct time in ESS it will be rejected.
  • If you place regular time -v- sick time in ESS when it should sick - it will be rejected
  • Please be aware of your time and the timelines for submitting your working time.
  • If you make a mistake and it is past the deadline to submit in ESS for approval, you will need to wait until the next pay period to get the situation rectified- you can call payroll directly.

Save the Date: Summer Institutes, Conferences and Intensives

The following dates have been identified for summer institutes, conferences, and intensives. More information about participants, expectations, and related information will be shared soon.

  • Language and Literacy Conferences (June 20-22, August 1-3)
  • Mental Health Intensives (June 23)
  • Racial Equity Institute (June 29th and 30th)
  • Leadership Institute: ILT and PSWE (August 8- 9)
  • New Licensed Staff Orientation (August 16-17)

Domain 4 of SOEI Rubric

Teachers- input your personal reflections in the Domain 4 container of your SOEI Observation plan in eCompass.

Counselor's Corner

Can you believe it – the 2017-2018 1st semester master schedule is open!? The due date to get this complete to Robby is on Thursday March 9th. Click here for the survey.

As I work to prepare our students for life outside T-Plus, a heightened state of awareness, ambivalence, concern and call to action seems to be effervescing from all of our students….and peculating inside of myself…and it feels heavy every day.

I find myself asking what I can do, and look around, and see so many options that I feel a bit overwhelmed. Should I protest? Should I write my legislators? Should I offer a time for students to just talk? Should I ask my colleagues if they need time to talk? Should I go to a yoga class? Ultimately, how should I best use my time to help during this trying time for many of our students, families, and our own families and friends.

As I continue to work to identify answers, I look to my steadfast resources. This webpage, that the American School Counselor Association has put together, I believe to be especially helpful. It includes suggestions on everything from reducing anxiety to school climate. Webinars for you, bibliotherapy for students, and resources for parents and helping adults, and more.

Finally, I also have been reminding myself to go back to the basics; that is, to encourage self-care, mindfulness, caring, congruence, unconditional positive regard, immediacy, genuineness, openness, active listening, and silence.

Thank YOU for being there for the scared, afraid, angry, hurt, lost and lonely. They need YOU now more than ever. If YOU are the scared, afraid, angry, hurt, lost or lonely, please know that YOU have a wonderful group of school support staff and educators around to support you. Just let us know how we can help.


Please print the attendance rosters for your classes.

Highlight students who are not attending your classes and give to Social Workers.

Sabbatical Applications due on March 15

Eligible teachers are welcome to apply for a Sabbatical to take place during the 2017-18 school year.

Application materials and further information are available on the Sabbaticals web site on the staff intranet.

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