Shelter is Key

Not today, elements!

Where To Set Up Camp

You will first want to find a generally flat area near a large, noticeable structure such as a large rock or tree. Find a location that can help block out wind, rain, sunlight, ect. If possible, build your shelter near or on the beach so you will be able to signal passing boats or planes more quickly.

How to build a lean-to shelter

A lean- to shelter is a shelter small enough just to sleep in, and so it is simple to build if you do not have much time before nightfall.


-Tie one long branch to two smaller branches which have been secured into the ground.


-Find smaller sticks to lean up against the brace. Be sure that they are sturdy.


-Drape small branches and twigs over the edges of the lean-to.


- Pile on debris such as leaves, grass and moss over the whole shelter to help provide insulation.