Post-Mortem of the 8th Grade

About Madison

10 words that describe me

  1. Artsy
  2. Silly
  3. Crazy
  4. Dramatic
  5. Energetic
  6. Runner
  7. Gymnast
  8. Fashionista
  9. Leader
  10. Talker

Words to Live By

This quote was written by Dr. Seuss

This is one of my favorite quotes because it is true, you need to be true to yourself no matter what. I love this quote because it fits me, i'm not like anyone I've ever met.


Biggest Influence's

  • My Mamaw is the biggest influence in my life. She is kind and willing to help anyone she meets. She also speaks her mind, and gives every opinion that pops into her head. She is a wonderful cook, Her chocolate pie is the best. What I like most is that she always kind and caring and I love her.
  • My Brothers Matthew and Tyler are also a Huge influence, they are so dedicated and always is striving to be better. Not to mention they are the best brothers ever. They are the ones shown in the picture.

Favorite Movie

I have watched thousands of terrific movies, but when I finally narrowed it down between Christmas movies and Disney movies I decided to choose Disney's classic Cinderella. It has been one of my favorites since I first saw it. I really love Cinderella because if i was a princess i would be like her. I would Cook and Clean, some bad things would happen, then Bam, a fairy Godmother twinkles her way in to my life, and with a wave of her wand i become a beautiful young lady, she will send me to a ball and I will find true love, and all will be goo. Then i loose my shoe and he(prince/ my true love) comes to find me with my other shoe and after a long day of searching he arrives at my house and when he gets pat my step sisters i will be a princess!

Favorite Book

The running dream is one of my favorite books Ever!!Sixteen-year-old Jessica Carlisle lives to run. Every morning, she and her dog, Sherlock, tackle a five-mile loop to start the day; the wind in her hair and the pull of her muscles make her feel alive. After school, she and her best friend, Fiona, join the track team for practice and competitions. Jessica is even counting on winning a track scholarship for college. But then her entire world screeches to a painful dead end.i wont give any more away... you'll have to read it!

Very Moving

Shows Who I Am


I follow in my brothers footsteps. Literally.

He was in front of me.

My love for fashion

I love to Shop and put together cute outfits.

I think it releases your creative juices but in

the store.

"Piece of Cake" - Episode 18 - Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

This show signifies who i am because i love to spend time with my friends, bake, preform i am also an animal lover like strawberry shortcake. This show was my favorite.

Today i feel silly

By Jamie Lee Curtis

Today I feel silly.

Mom says it’s the heat.

I put rouge on the cat

and gloves on my feet.

I ate noodles for breakfast

and pancakes at night.

I dressed like a star

and was quite a sight.

Today my mood’s bad.

I feel grumpy and mean.

I picked up my room.

It still isn’t clean.

I forgot to feed Franny and water the fern.

And the cocoa I’m making is starting to burn.

Today I am angry.

You’d better stay clear.

My face is all pinched and red ear to ear.

My friends had a play date.

They left me out.

My feelings are hurt.

I want to shout!

Today I am joyful.

My mood is first-rate.

My friend’s sleeping over, she said she can’t wait.

My freckles are popping, the sun is so bright.

I ran in the relay with all of my might.

Today I’m confused, my life’s getting hairy.

Sam says he’s my boyfriend but he also likes Mary.

My mom told my father he might be a dad.

I might get a brother. I’m not sure I’m glad.

Today I am quiet, my mom understands.

She gave me two ice creams and then we held hands.We went to the movies and then had a bite.

I cried just a little and then felt all right.

Today I’m excited there’s so much to do.

I’m going to sell cookies and lemonade too.

I’m starting a club to go clean up the park.

And I’ve got a big crush on my teacher named Mark.

Today I am cranky so nothing seems right.

I have diarrhea and broke my new kite.

Mom dyed her hair orange.

My dad shaved his beard.

My tooth came in crooked.

This family is weird.

Today I am lonely. I feel so small.

My Auntie’s away. I wish that she’d call.

My mom’s working late and my dad has the flu.

And although I’ve got stuff I’ve got nothing to do.

Today I am happy. I’m walking on air.

I learned how to knit and to French-braid my hair.

I did my first solo in hip-hop and jazz.

This day’s been so great, I am full of pizzazz.

Today I’m discouraged and frustrated-see?

I tried Rollerblading and fell on my knee.

I really want straight hair, but mine’s curly-q.

Should I cut it or grow it, oh what should I do?

Today I am sad, my mood’s heavy and gray.

There’s a frown on my face and it’s been there all day.

My best friend and I had a really big fight.

She said that I tattled and I know that she’s right.

Today my mood’s great, it’s the absolute best.

I rode a two-wheeler and passed my math test.

I played soccer at recess and we won the game.

I sang in the show and my parents both came.I’d rather feel silly, excited or glad,

than cranky or grumpy, discouraged or sad.

But moods are just something that happen each day.

Whatever I’m feeling inside is okay!

How do you feel today?

Digital Story- Today I feel Silly

Why it Suits Me

This Poem by Jamie lee Curtis, is my favorite because I always have a different mood and this poem fits every one! It also lets people know that its okay to feel the way that they do.

listen to the audio above^^^

cages or wings 2014

Places That Make a Boom!! ^^^^

Beautiful you was a journey that impacted me in so many different ways, Beautiful you is a young ladies ministry, they came to my church and i made many new friends and tightened the bonds between me and others. Th at weekend i grew closer to God.

about Me

I live in Anna Texas. I have 2 dogs and a bunny named Karl (its a she). I have two brothers and my Mom and Daddy. I attend the first baptist church of Melissa. My favorite foods are Hawaiian Banana Bread, and Spinach pizza. That's about it, i hope you enjoy my flyer. P.S. im the one in white.