Sam Houston

The man, the myth, the legend, the revolutionist.

Biography Blurb

(March 2, 1793 – July 26, 1863)

Sam Houston was the commander of the Texas army at the time of the Texas Revolution. After the revolution he became the second president of Texas.

The Texas Revolution

Houston was sweeped up into the Texas Revolution in 1832 when he left for Texas. After a few political meetings he was elected Major General on November, 1835. A year later he was elected as Commander-in-Chief on March, 1836.

Runaway Scrape

After the Battle of the Alamo, Sam Houston, short on supplies, did the (at the time) very controversial Runaway Scrape where he retreated from Santa Anna's army. This "cowardly" act and heavy rainfall lowered the Texan Army's morale and made them think of leaving Sam Houston and fighting Santa Anna face-to-face. The Runaway Scrape proved to be extremely strategic though as they were able to ambush Santa Anna forces. This won them the revolution and Texas' Independance.
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As President

Sam Houston was elected president twice (in 1836 and 1841). His main goal at first was to be annexed with the U.S. but he dropped this goal quickly thinking it was outlandish. He never got to see Texas combine with the U.S. but he was a main factor in the start of it.
Sam Houston: One of the Most Remarkable Figures in American History (1993)

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