Hamlet and Shakespeare

By: Tom McLelland

A Persoannal Fight

This quote makes me think were going to see a lot of self vs self conflict within the play of hamlet.

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Shakespeares Life


Famous Poet/Playwright

Was married to Anne Hathaway

Made others poems like Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeares work

His works include comedies, history and tragedy.

His shortest play was a Midsummer Night's Dream and the longest being Anthony and Cleopatra

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Shakespeare the Roaster

Shakespeare is a very distinct and critical author. The way he makes character's discuss and critique each other really gives his works a tone that is above all.

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Thank You, Shakespeare

Shakespeare is still used in normal day talking and modern pop culture today. Some of his phrases can be seen in famous action movies, romances, and comedies.

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Set in Denmark

Characters include Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Horatio, Ophelia and Laertes

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The Iambec Poem

Shakespeare loved Iambec poems because of the rhythm and beat to them. It gave the play almost a heart beat and life and allowed for people to get emotionally into the play. It also fits perfectly with the way he writes and how he expresses his ideas.

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How emotional Hamlet is

Hamlet is emotional because the context is so strong and the story can hit at home with feelings and family problems. We can see it in the expression and the struggle while reading especially in live plays.

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Why Hamlet has lasted in English Literature

Shakespeare has had such a major effect in literature and poetry. His stories have allowed readers for hundreds of years to see problems that we face modern day in these elaborate and unique ways in the past.

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Which Character am I?

The character I was given was Hamlet. This is weird but cool because we haven't read the book yet and all I know about Hamlet is the scene where he is holding the skull. This makes the book even more cool because I am apparently like the main character.

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