TCEA 2018 -

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Day 2 - Whoa...

Late Smore tonight because I've been so busy! I started the day at the BrainPOP Educator Academy, then hit the exhibit hall and finished up with a meeting with Nepris. See my highlights below!
Big picture

BrainPop Educator Academy

I know....I know....We are still waiting on our student logins! I am visiting the BrainPOP booth tomorrow to hopefully move this along, but I learned some very cool things and now I can't wait for our students to get their hands on all of these wonderful tools!

  1. BrainPOP is really big into concept maps and when our students get their accounts you can assign them concept maps to create (either from scratch, from a template or one you started. They have an excellent BrainPOP movie for this. Log into your teacher account and search "Concept Mapping" and watch it! So clearly is great.
  2. When you are logged in to your teacher account. Scroll down to find the "BrainPop Educators" link. This site is packed full of useful stuff including printables and lesson plans.
  3. When our students get their accounts there are many different activities they can do! It's not just a movie with a quiz anymore! One of the activities I really enjoyed was Make-A-Movie! Student get to make their own BrainPOP movies for this one! SO MUCH FUN!!!

This is the tip of the iceberg of what I learned about BrainPOP today....Can't wait to get our students in there, and I can't wait to teach you guys more!!

Little Bits Coding Kit

Little Bits has been around a while, and usually they cater to younger students than we teach, but their new Code Kits are stepping it up! I saw a kit where students built a "guitar" that actually played (see picture to the right). Students could program it to play different sounds also. Very cool. What impressed me the most was the online support students get with a kit! Easy to use videos and help that they just need to click on to be successful. Check them out!

XYZ Printing Color 3D Printer

Yes that's right I said COLOR 3D Printer! It took me a minute to register that. But a company called XYZPrinting had a da Vinci Color, the world's first color 3D Printer. It prints a layer of filament then a layer of ink over and over to get awesome COLOR 3D Prints. I believe this This printer costs $3,500 proof that the cost of technology will be sky high and then drop dramatically!

Totally NOT a TCEA Thing - But Did You See Elon Musk Launch His Tesla Into Space?

Seriously watching those boosters land simultaneously was a Sci-Fi Movie people! We live in amazing times!