Why Should I Type Properly?

Jesse Mays

What Is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is typing without looking to find the keys. A touch typist will know the location of a key on a keyboard without having to look at the keys.

What Does Touch-Typing Involve?

When touch-typing, you place eight fingers in a row on the middle row of your keyboard, which is known as the home row. By doing this, you are able to reach all of the keys on the keyboard without having to look to see which key to push.

Learning To Touch-Type

Learning to touch type involves learning where your letters are, many people learn the location of the home row letters and build onto the keys. Some people use websites to learn how to touch type, but others just practice on their own.

Why Should I Learn To Touch-Type?

Appeal To Your Employer

When hiring someone new, do you think companies just pick someone at random? No, they pick the person best qualified for the job. Learning to type properly and efficiently will appear to someone about to hire you. They want to know that you can accomplish things in a timely manner, and learning to type will really help you!

Help Your Health

Have you ever heard of carpel tunnel? It is a condition in which there is a lot of pressure on the median nerve. This occurs because of poor typing technique. Its important to learn to type to improve your health.

Improve Your Posture

Learning to type properly can improve your posture at the desk, as well as outside of the workplace/school. If you practice proper posture at the desk, it will positively impact you away from the desk. So, learning and practicing proper typing technique can improve your posture at and away from your desk.

Basic Areas Of Improvement

Touch-Typing Can Improve Your WPM

What Is WPM?

WPM (Words Per Minute) is a measure of how many words you can type in one minute. The average professional typist types an average of 50-80 words per minute.

How To Improve WPM

You need to know where the keys are, and make sure you are making fast keystrokes. You have to learn touch-typing to greatly improve your WPM. You need to make sure that you are practicing typing. You have to learn how to type with speed before you have high WPM. Make sure you find what works for you, and build on your speed.