Camp David Accords

Jamesha Ceaser and Maritza Fuentes

At Camp David from September 5 to September 17, 1978 Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat, the Prime Minster of Israel , and JImmy Carter all met up. Camp David Accord is a peaced treaty between Israel and Egypt issuing from the talk at Camp David between Egyptain President Sadt, Israeli Prime Minster Begin, and the host, U.S. President Carter and the document was signed in 1979 of March.

It was basically a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

After twelve days of negotiations mediated by Carter, Sadat and Begin concluded two agreements: (1) a framework for the conclusion of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and (2) a broader framework for achieving peace in the Middle East. The first provided for a phased withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Sinai Peninsula and that region's full return to Egypt within three years of the signing of a formal peace treaty between the two countries. It also guaranteed the right of passage for Israeli ships through the Suez Canal. (2) The more general framework called in vague terms for Israel to gradually grant self-government and/or autonomy to the Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and to partially withdraw its forces from those areas in preparation for negotiations on their final status of autonomy after a period of three years. Many experts regarded the "spirit" in which the two agreements had been negotiated as far more important than their substance. This is basically the main reason for the peace between Egypt and Israel. They made all these agreements so that the middle east wouldnt have to deal with the effect of war between the two cities.