Two Amazing Kodu Games!

Absolutely Free

Two Amazing Kodu Games For Free?!?

I have made two amazing, new kodu games that are clevely designed and not just plain green grass, I made one game that is set in a snowy world (game 1) and one set in a sugary world of delight (game 2) These were done in a short time so they might not be amazing but they are pretty fun time wasters when you have some spare time it wont take you long to do these.

These games have some enemys you need to join and some things you need to collect on the, sugar delight you need to get choclate coins then you will get moved to the next level once you have reached the asigned point. But on game 1 there is enemys spawning always and you are trying to collect things and also not fall in to cleverly placed traps.

These are not a high end game that will take you 2 weeks to complte theres no checkpoints these are just simple flash like games.

You can make your own games with kodu it is abuslutely free just go to

and search "kodu"

Here is an example of the games.

Have I Mentioned It's Free Yet?!?

Game 2 ^

Game 1 ^

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Have you not downloaded the game yet?

Well if you havant let me tell you why it is free so even if its rubbish (it's not.) Your not loosing on any money your not loosing £40 or something like that your just using a tiny bit of download space but you can, just delete it (not alowed to do that.)


Is there a story line?

Of course not its just a tiny littel game to do in your spare time.

Will I have insane amount of fun playing it?


What themes are the two games?

First one SnowyLand 2nd Sugar Land.

Is there a scoring system?


How do I get them?

Go in Google type kodu in it download the program then download the games (once launched that is)

Why should I wait until launch date?

Beacuse in your spare time next tuesday you can just quickly download it it will max take 1 minute to donwload both click on them it will launch kodu then launch the game?

Are these viruses?

I know why your thing of these free games?!?! must be viruses but no these are real games and those are legitmate images.

Ive asked enough questions now.

might be small bugs.

These Games Are The Most Fun Things You Can Do In Your Spare Time!


I Bet You Cant Wait

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 10am

Monkston, United Kingdom


Important Stuff ^ About Launch Date!