MTSS Recap


Defining Intervention

An academic intervention is a strategy used to teach a new skill, build fluency in a skill, or encourage a child to apply an existing skill to new situations or settings (Wright, 2012).

Interventions are intentional and specific. Interventions often utilize instructional strategies, but interventions are more formal than just a strategy. They are aimed at student needs. Because student needs drive the intervention, interventions can be flexible as students show progress in certain skills.

October's Focus

This month, you and your team of teachers are using the "Intervention Plan." These plans (K-12) should now include at least 1 goal and at least 1 intervention that will support the goal.

This month, ALL students benefit from the intervention because we are starting at the classroom level with more awareness of who our struggling students are and how they are participating in our lessons. This means Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 students are getting more exposure, instruction, and hopefully practice.

More to come in November for K-8 about small group response to students.


Do your PLCs know their next steps?
  • What are teachers to be doing between now and your next MTSS PLC?

Tracking sheets?

  • Are tracking sheets current? Do you need to give reminders on what to update?

Intervention Plans?

  • Are students of concern listed?
  • Is a goal set?
  • Is an intervention listed?
  • Did the PLC determine how to monitor and who to monitor?
  • Does the PLC know to include weekly updates on the intervention plan?